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23 April 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 01:30 GMT+2


From the 25 on 27 April to Malta the fourth mission of the Italian marine cluster
It is promoted and organized by the The International Propeller Clubs of Italy

On 21 May to Genoa a convention on the new Customs Code of the European Union
It is organized from the genoese section of the Italian Association Young Lawyers

8 May to Venice a convention on "Ports and enterprises of the Gulf of Venice in the One Belt One Road"
It is organized from the The International Propeller Club Port of Venice

The 27 and 28 April to Sorrento will hold "the two Days of Alis"
I confront on the new projects and the development of more and more sustainable and efficient modalities of transport

Thursday to Naples a round table of Propeller Club on the topic of the capitals for the enterprises
Calypso" of the Marine Station will hold near the room "

Livorno will accommodate the sixth edition of Med Ports, than it will hold for the first time in Italy
The international event dedicated to the ports of the Mediterranean will begin tomorrow with a visit to the terminals of the Leighorn port

Wednesday Propeller of Trieste will make the point on the railway works to service of the city port
Conference from the title "Continues the "cure of the iron"

On 13 April to Milan a workshop will hold on safety and the privacy in the logistics
It is organized from Assologistica Culture and Formation

Tomorrow to Genoa the conference "the way of the Silk in the perspective of euroasiatica connectivity"
One will hold to Saint George Palace

Saturday to Bari will carry out a day of deepening on Special the Economic Zones
The case of success of the ZES of Burgas will be introduced between the others

On 29 March to Genoa a test on the port of Naples will be introduced
The publication concerns on the still unexpressed potentialities of the partenopeo port of call

Ancona, thursday the presentation of a project in matter of occupational health and safety in port
One will hold in the center of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Centrale

Thursday to Naples a convention on the way of the silk yesterday and today
It is organized from Propeller Club Port of Naples and from the Academy of Alto Mare

Presentation of the book "the danger comes from the sea. Intelligence and portualità"
The encounter will hold on 20 March to Rome near the center of Assoporti

Friday an encounter of Propeller Club of Salerno on Special the Economic Zones
Amico will be introduced e-book on the topic of Maurizio D'

On 7 March to the Fair of Padua a convention will hold on the digitalisation of the transports
It is organized from the C.I.S.Co in collaboration with Green Logistics EXPO

Convention on the "sustainable Innovations for the logistics of the agrifood"
Organized within Green Logistics Expo in collaboration with Assologistica and the Observatory Food Sustainability of the Polytechnic of Milan

The AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern has managed new Slowly Anti-Corruption and instituted an appropriate direction
Thursday to Livorno a convention dedicated to the formation and the role of the harbour systems

Workshop of Assologistica Culture and Formation on the logistics of near future and the food delivery
One will hold on 22 March to Milan

Marina di Carrara, workshop "Port and city: school, culture, formation, job, atmosphere. The challenges for the future"
Thursday in the within of the program of Porto Lab Academy will hold

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