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25 settembre 2020 Il quotidiano on-line per gli operatori e gli utenti del trasporto 07:59 GMT+2




The Cargo Theft Report 2020 found that both of these trends remained consistent from 2018 while it also noted an increase last year in the number of cargo truck hijacking incidents, with thefts of and from vehicles similarly rising as a percentage of all theft incidents recorded in 2019.

In line with these trends, thefts most frequently occurred while vehicles were either in transit or parked at rest areas.

Transport by road accounted for 87 % of all cargo theft incidents.

By type of goods, food and beverages represented 28% of all reported thefts, in comparison with 19% in 2018, followed by electronics (13%), alcohol and tobacco (10%) and automotive (7%).

As for the type of cargo theft, the hijacking of trucks accounted for 26% of the total, followed by theft from vehicle (20%) and theft of vehicle (16%) and 'slash and grab' (14%).

Other takeaways from the report include thefts from unsecure truck parking averaging eight per day globally and South America ranking highest in median value of cargo per incident in unsecured locations.

The Cargo Theft Report 2020 is based on data from BSI's supply chain security country risk intelligence tool, SCREEN and TT Club's insurance risk management and loss prevention insights.

TT Club's Mike Yarwood urged "all those concerned about cargo security to read the report" but emphasised one identified trend in particular: "Thefts either of, or from road vehicles most frequently occurred while in transit, in rest areas or an unsecured parking location. These accounted for 60% of those thefts reported.

"We are particularly keen to draw attention to the dangers of such informal parking and encourage the provision of more secured truck stop facilities."

The report provides more detail from the regions with confirmed thefts from unsecured parking areas, notably that the median value of losses from these incidents ranges from $100,000 in South America to just over $11,000 in parts of Asia.

"We are particularly keen to draw attention to the dangers of such informal parking and encourage the provision of more secured truck stop facilities," Yarwood added.

The report also highlights key risk insights into the trends in a number of cargo disruption-related topics, including: regional breakdown, countries of concern, tactics and trends, targeted modes, targeted commodities and the most common locations of thefts.

It also includes further advice on how theft risks can be reduced. This section is once more co-authored by BSI's Advisory Supply Chain Security team and the TT Club's claims and loss prevention team. - 20/02/2020

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