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November 7, 2017

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The communitarian program VetPort is finished that has involved 79 harbour workers

You are the ports partner of the project: Cork, Livorno, Lead, Venice, Rotterdam and Valencia

To Livorno, in the Ferretti room of the Old Fortress, the conclusive seminary of VetPort has held, the project coordinated from the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern that in three years has afforded to the workers of the ports of Livorno and Piombino to operate vice versa in the harbour ports of call of the EU and through a program of interchange.

32 managers of terminal, 29 planner that they follow the large square activities and 18 drivers have been in total the 79 harbour workers () that in the periods of mobility (36 months of job in all) have gone to work in the 23 terminals of six ports partner of the project: Cork (Ireland), Livorno, Lead, Venice, Rotterdam and Valencia. Relatively to the single ports of Livorno and Piombino, the involved terminals have been seven, of which four of the Leighorn port of call and three of the piombinese port, for a total of 34 active workers in periods of mobility abroad.

The project, developed from the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern in synergy with Province of Livorno Development, the society of the Province of Livorno and the harbour authority, has cost 450 thousand euros and has defined the models standardized of these three professional figures.

"VetPort - it has emphasized the leader of Province of Livorno Development, Maria Grazia Lotti - projects the harbour system of Alto Tirreno towards an European dimension, establishing standard recognizable common formative minimums to communitarian level that allow to local a harbour worker to spend themselves also out-of-bounds national".

"The System of Alto Tirreno - the president of the AdSP, Stefano Corsini has remembered, - boasts a tradition of along course in the field of the formation. We are happy for having carried to term this European project, of which we have been promoters. The nets of human relations are more long-lasting of the same agencies that have promoted them, and are convinced that in order to speak about future today it is necessary to invest more always on the vital human".

While the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern has announced that the agency has undersigned with Tuscany Region, Water Authority Tuscany, Municipality of Livorno and Asa a protocol of understanding to go to delocalizzare the purifier of the Rivellino in an area of property of the harbour authority, at the bottom of via Enriques, and in order to define a program of urgent participations finalized to reach the objectives of quality of the drainage of waters dealt from the sewage treatment plant. "The offshoring of the sewage treatment plant of sewage water from the zone of the Rivellino - Corsini has explained - will guarantee to the port important benefits and will contribute to improve the quality of harbour waters so as demanded from Strategic the Environmental Appraisal on the Portuale Town development plan. We believe in this project to such point to put on of the citizenship areas of our east property of the railway terminal of Calambrone for the transfer of the purifier".

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