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November 8, 2017

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In approved of Senate an amendment to the Maneuver that transfers deep from the road haulage to the marine transport

They pile to 150 million euros in three years 2018-2010. The government had expressed to seem contrary

This morning the Commission Public works, communications of the Senate has approved of the amendment 112.Tab.10.1.8 to the Maneuver Financial institution that previews the transfer of resources from the field of the road haulage to that of the marine and fluvial transport. In particular the amendment, introduced from pidiessini the Ranucci and Philippi, proposes the transfer of 150 million euros, that is 50 million euros per year in the three years 2018-2010 of resources previewed of the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports (mission 2 - "Straight to mobility and development of the systems of transports, passing them from 2,3 program "Road haulage and intermodalità" to 2,5 program "Development and safety of navigation and safety of navigation and the marine transport and for internal water ways".

In its participation in Commission the undersecretary to Infrastructures and Transports, Dear Umberto Del Basso De, has expressed to seem contrary on the amendment as - has explained - the deep ones for the field of the road haulage already heavy are curtailed in the last years and the demand is not therefore accoglibile to move ulterior resources, however in favor of the marine transport. Dear De has specified that in the within of the dedicated program to "Road haulage and intermodalità" the total appropriation is destined only for a quota to the field of the road haulage goods, moreover substantially unchanged regarding the passed years, while another part is destined to the financing of the purchase of not polluting buses for local public transport. The undersecretary, also expressing understanding for the purposes of the emendativa proposal, has invited the presenters to withdraw it and to transform it in agenda to the aim not to put to risk the acquisition of these buses.

From part its senator Raffaele Ranucci has emphasized the importance of the amendment and has evidenced that not draft of a reduction briefly for the field of the road haulage, but only of smaller an increase, pairs to 50 million euros for everyone of years 2018-2020. According to Ranucci, it is but important to give to a sign of reduction of the incentives for the transport goods on rubber in favor of a less polluting modality as the marine transport, than in these years unjustly she is penalized.

The other senator signer of the amendment, Marco Filippi, has found that he is coherent with the choice many times over which restated to stimulate the transport goods on iron and for via of water regarding that on rubber and has observed that, while in this legislature the rail shipment adequately is supported and upgraded, equally it is not made for the marine and fluvial transport or, more in general terms, for the section of navigation. For Philippi, this by sea justifies the increase of the resources for the transport curtailing those of the road haulage. Moreover it has specified that draft of the minimal displacement of resources and that the appropriation for the road haulage remains however in increase regarding 2017. Philippi has emphasized also that in the past the resources allocated for this field are not distributed effectively and they have not contributed to the modernization of the section.

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