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November 17, 2017

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Ok of the Committee of management of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western to the variation to budget 2017 and the budget of forecast 2018

Approved of the lines of address for the procedure of allocation of the dry docks of the port of Genoa

Today the Committee of management of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western has approved of notes of variation to the budget of forecast the 2017 and budget of forecast 2018 of the agency let alone update of the lines of address for the start of the procedure of allocation in concession of the dry docks of the port of Genoa.

The harbour agency has explained that, regarding the works previewed in relative documents to budget 2017, some are confirmed important works participations between which the supply of the electric power to the ships in the port of Genoa-Prà, the practicability in sovrappasso of the Aurelia to Vado Ligure and that connecting to the new ones crosses harbour beyond to a meaningful one slowly of maintenances of the state property structures. Moreover, relatively to the port of Genoa, the next conclusion of the propedeutici infrastructural work to the realization by RFI of according to connecting line between the internal park and the external park of Voltri is confirmed. The totality of the participations previewed in variation notes piles to 41 million euro percentage pairs to 55% of the original appropriations and remarkablly advanced to that recorded in the last budgets.

Moreover the programming of the 2018 is attested on 90 million euros and previews, always relatively to Genoa, some important works which the completion of the filling between the bridges Ronco and Canepa, a first lottery of dredgings in the area of Sampierdarena and the new tower pilots.

For the harbour port of call of Savona-Go participations on the frame of harbour city practicability and in performance than previewed of the agreement of relative program to the realization of the platform of Vado Ligure are previewed. Moreover they are to budget you work for the oil pole of I go for eight million euro and the restoration to operating use of the two puts up sheds situated in the basin of Savona.

In the budget of forecast 2018 "acquisitions of immaterial assets" are contemplated also to 23 million destined, between which 14,7 million euros the planning of the new dam of the port of Genoa and three million euro for the planning of the dam to gears of the platform of I go.

Moreover the Committee of management has approved of the update of the lines of address for the start of the procedure of allocation in concession of the dry docks in the port of Genoa. In esse the destinations of the basins are indicated: basins 4 and 5 will be dedicated to the segment of the mercantile ships while basins 1, 2 and 3 will be dedicated to the service of the great diportistica of the yachts. The lines guide contain moreover it obligation in head to the subject highest bidder to maintain the service public: appropriate regulations establish that at least one of the basins for field will have to be always left the public service. The other basins could be assigned to single operators in exclusive use for the maximum period five-year-old. The concession will have a duration 25-year-old and it previews that the contest ban could be published within the year.

At last the Committee has approved of new instruments of appraisal of the staff in relation to specific objectives that will be defined by the administration which supported in such task from an organism of internal appraisal, already characterized. The AdSP has emphasized that draft of an element of innovation introduced from the agency that is completing its internal reorganization, that it previews also of being able to mainly assume in the course of the next year 35 new destined attache's to the technical structures.

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