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21 October 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:38 GMT+2

November 22, 2017

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FerCargo and FerCargo Maneuver ask measures in order to support the transport goods on track taking part in particular on the last railway mile

Laguzzi and Of Angela: the "sick one", that is the rail shipment of the goods, is out of danger, but not still completely recovered

FerCargo and FerCargo Maneuver have sped up measures of support to the rail shipment of the goods in order to support the resumption of the transport on track, increase - they have emphasized the associations in the margin of the presentation of a position paper in which the proposals of participation in the last happened railway mile near the Senate of the Republic are contained - than during the last few years have marked a +20% and that it has seen only protagonists the adherent railway enterprises to FerCargo, companies not pertaining to the group Italian Railroads of State (FSI).

In order to support this resumption FerCargo and FerCargo Maneuver has asked aimed and sustainable participations in order to improve and to return in capillary way national the railway infrastructure efficient, through the role of the operators of the last mile, to the aim to completely realize the participations proposed from the "cure of the iron".

President of FerCargo, Giancarlo Laguzzi, and Elvi D' Angela, president of FerCargo Manovra, the association of the operators of the railway maneuver, has evidenced that "sick", that is the rail shipment of the goods, is out of danger, but not still completely recovered, and that in order to support the recovery they are necessary participations as the introduction of incentives for the purchase or the adaptation of the cars of maneuver based on I decree 1/2015 of ANSF, obtaining a delay in case of start of the procedures demanded by the interested enterprises or operators and in this case a cost reduction demanded for the previewed administrative procedure, or asincrease of the contribution of the reduction in price toll in order to maintain the levels of scontistica towards the customers of the railway enterprises that, given the increase of the traffic volumes to fixed budget of incentive, risks to slow down the transfer of modal quota from the rubber to the railroad.

Laguzzi and Of Angela has emphasized also the necessity to increase to the contribution previewed for the formation of the machinists for the field goods and the extension of the reimbursement also for figures as employee manovratori, verifiers and makers train of railway enterprises and the operators of railway maneuver, let alone to institute a bottom for the purchase of new locomotori from train to the aim to equip the Italian system of new interoperabili cars.

Moreover they have sped up a review of the railway connections based on the real requirements of the industry customer of the train, becoming simpler the infrastructure and the exercise of the same connection taking part through the creation of independence from the net in the respect of safety

Laguzzi and Of Angela has specified that these are some of the main solutions in order to give ulterior impulse to the cure of the iron, but - they have concluded - above all necessary not to make useless how much up to now made from this government but also from the railway enterprises and the railway operators not pertaining to the former group monopolist.

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