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November 22, 2017

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Constituted the Consortium of local economic development of the giuliana area

It will replace in the competences the old Agency for the Industrial Zone of Trieste

Today the Consortium of local economic development of the giuliana area is constituted, that it will go to replace in the competences the old Agency for the Industrial Zone of Trieste (Ezit). The Consortium has the nature of economic public body and sees the participation of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Orientale and the Municipalities of Trieste, Muggia and Saint Dorligo of the Valley-Dolina.

From the patrimonial point of view, the "new Ezit" will have an initial endowment fund pairs to 100 thousand euros. The presidency of the organism will be up to Zeno D' Augustin, president of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Orientale, and the Authority of System will have the majority of the quotas the Consortium pairs to 52%, while to the three Municipalities remaining 48% will be up, subdivided in three equal parts.

Primary objective of the new consortile organism will be that to promote and to favor the birth and the development of activity and productive and entrepreneurial initiatives, to supply services connected to the activities of the industrial agglomerates and the economic areas on the giuliano territory, let alone the management of the incentives and the advising to the enterprises for the editing of projects in order to approach deep the Europeans.

Moreover there will be a focus oriented to the innovation and the technological support in favor of the installed ones, and strongly promuoverà, also to out of the industrial agglomerate, the performance of regarding services the technological search, the planning, the experimentation, the acquisition of acquaintances of technical, organizational assistance and of market connected to the progress and the technological renewal. The attention for the young entrepreneurs will not lack at last through the promotion and creation of factory-laboratory for the start of new productive activities.

"Today - it has emphasized Of Augustin - it is a great moment because one of the important dowels of the total development of the territory is completed ago that reference to the port. It is part of the most important process of integration of all dynamics that regards the development of the port of call, of the free points and of the industrial zones. Finally the Consortium returns to being a point of force, engine of development and economic dynamism of the territory. From it leave truly the future of the port of call here as we intend it".

Specifying that between the tasks of the new agency there will be also the administration of the Franco Industriale Point, Of Augustin it has evidenced that "the relationship with the new Ezit is most important for the tied harbour activity to the industrial and manifacturing development, in a strategic optical that it sees the frank point as element of force and new attrattività for the regional territory".

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