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November 24, 2017

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Agreement between the AdSP of Tyrrhenian Center-Northerner and the Central Adriatic in order to value cross-sectional the tirrenico-adriatic one

The scope is to integrate the communitarian infrastructural net with a cross-sectional Mediterranean that the Tyrrhenian one connects and the central Adriatic

Today to Civitavecchia an agreement of collaboration between the Authority of Harbour System of the Center-Northerner Tyrrhenian Sea is signed, the agency that manage the ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta, and the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centrale, that it administers the ports of Ancona, Falconara, Pescara, Pesaro, San Benedetto del Tronto and Ortona.

The agreement, that he has been undersigned to the presence of the viceministro to the Transports, Riccardo Nencini, and of the vice president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, re-enters in the within of the strategy of the Adriatic-ionic Macroregion and the institutional agreement between the Regions Abruzzi and Lazio and intends to integrate the communitarian infrastructural net with a cross-sectional Mediterranean, a "land territorial bridge" that connects the Tyrrhenian center-northerner and the central Adriatic, with particular reference to integration of the marine connections towards central and southern Spain, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece.

The understanding previews, as first step, the predisposition of a progettuale development plan to the aim to increase the traffics, the economic development and the agility of the commercial exchanges between the ports re-entering in administrative divisions of the involved Authorities of System. Beginning from the plan the two AdSP will collaborate in the withins of the harbour services, of the common action of promotion of the ports towards the communitarian institutions and of the combined search of communitarian financings. The agreement assigns important importance also to the topic of the formation, with the will to open the collaboration towards the regional Nautical Institutes.

The understanding, that it could eventually be extensive also to other Authorities of System, between which that of the Tyrrhenian Sea Northern (ports of Livorno, Piombino, Portoferraio and Rio Marina), aimed at the promotion of a common strategy finalized to pick the development occasions that they can be born from a cross-sectional connection between Abruzzi, Latium, Marche and Umbria.

"Our AdSP - the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Center-Northerner Tyrrhenian Sea has asserted, Francesco Maria di Majo - strongly is engaged in the promotion and in the development of synergies and commercial relationships it is with ports situated on the tirrenica side that on that adriatic one, online with previewed how much from national the strategic Plan of the portualità and the logistics, that it favors agreements of partnership of row between harbour systems. The Regions of the Abruzzi, the Latium, the Marche and the Umbria are joined by a territorial contiguità as well as from flows of people and goods on the East-West director through the Appennines".

"Sussiste, moreover - it has added Of Majo - an important corridor "Core" of the nets TRIES ("the Scandinavian-Mediterranean") of which the Cores" of the city of Rome take part are the port of Ancona that the node "that, obviously, closely is connected to the socioeconomic woven one of the port of Civitavecchia. Cross-sectional the tirrenico-adriatic one intersects, in sinergica way, such European corridor and could aim at to become another euro-Mediterranean corridor in which the marine dimension he is prevailing".

"The tyrrhenian-adriatic director - she has concluded Of Majo - will be able to constitute therefore innovative an intermodal corridor that, leaving from Spain and passing for Civitavecchia, would arrive until the Balkan Countries, determining remarkable savings it is of time that of direct costs and indirect, but above all certain advantages in terms of reduction of the environmental impact deriving from the transport on the road that, moreover, it is one of main requirement so that a corridor can rise to become an European corridor".

"This - it has emphasized the president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centrale, Rodolfo Giampieri - is a strategic agreement that it joins Adriatic and Tyrrhenian headquarters cross-sectionally creating a distance privileged between Spain and Croatia, Albania, Greece and Turkey through the ports of Civitavecchia, Gaeta, Ortona and Ancona. A integral proposal of development that always more our territories inside of the communitarian logistic nets".

"The collaboration agreement that we have signed today - has explained Giampieri - it is face to favor full integration of the ports of call of the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian headquarters in the national and communitarian infrastructural strategies and of transport. A coherent agreement with the spirit of the reform of the national ports and that one accompanies to the strengthening of cross-sectional infrastructures Centro Italia, thanks to the next conclusion of the work on the Quadrilateral between Marche and Umbria. The ports of call of the two harbour systems will work entirety in order to develop the opportunities that derive the being cross-sectional connection between the Iberian peninsula, the Balkans and the Mediterranean south oriental. A collaboration that I waited for me has positive implications for the active enterprises in the ports and our territories, in order to strengthen the economic development and to support the occupation".

In occasion of the signature of the agreement the managing director to the Transports of the Region Abruzzi, Camillo D' Alexander, has found that the understanding "has a valence that I would define historical in order to candidate a piece of Italy to carry out a up to now neglected function. A result - it has specified - that is obtained also thanks to the concrete engagements of the Region towards the portualità, with beyond 50 million euros invested in the port of Ortona, and to the tenacity with which is intentional to evidence the potential one of the trasversalità in the communitarian and national logistic nets. This agreement now will go developed, is in the context of the Adriatic-ionic macroregional strategy, is in the context of politics TRIES with the extension of the corridors on the adriatic ridge".

For Enrico Panunzi, councilman of the Region Lazio, the agreement "in future perspective is important for the development of the north of the Latium also in the optical of the completion of Orte-Civitavecchia, considered a strategic and fundamental infrastructure for our region".

Fabio Urbinati, councilman of the Region Marche, has rimarcato in its participation the satisfaction for the initiative. "Sure - it has evidenced - a great result for the Authority of System of the Adriatic Mean and a great opportunity for the Region Marche engaged in the reconstruction post-seism. The Authorities of Harbour System today have exceeded the difficult phase of the spending review and are investing in the maintenance and the development of the ports of call of our territories. The potenziamento of the cross-sectional dimension of infrastructures is a sure added value for the coasts as has demonstrated to this summer the data of tourism on the served adriatic coast from the Quadrilateral".

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