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November 28, 2017

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Agreement AdSP - Bank of Naples of the Ionian Sea in order to increase the attrattività of the ZES of Taranto

For the development of Special the Economic Zones the financial institution has programmed appropriations until 1,5 billion euros

Today the Authority and Bank of Naples of Harbour System of the Ionian Sea, the agency that manages the port of Taranto, has signed an agreement in order to assist the enterprises financially awardees of contracts for the harbour works by means of the correlated advance of the certifyd credits and the other financial supports to the system of the yards. Moreover the agreement previews advising solutions, also through the desk specialized of the Intesa Sanpaolo group, to the enterprises that will be candidated which investor in Special Economic Zones (ZES), for the elaboration of the investment plans and the necessary finance of project.

The signers have evidenced that the phenomenon of the Free Zones has recorded a trend in continuous increase that has not arrested during the period of the globalization neither in the course of the crisis world-wide financial institution of the slid years. In Italy they are instituted with law 123/2017 and only the regions of Southern Italy can introduce proposed of only located ZES where they are you anticipate harbour areas. The law previews founded politics of institutional development on areas very characterized where strategically the "Port to the center" of the economy is set, that is to say entrepreneurial takeovers, incentives and resources financial institutions all finalized to grow the marine infrastructure and the system of enterprises that rotate around to it.

It is remembered that in 1997 in the world the number of Economic Zones Speziali of about 845 was distributed in 93 Countries and that now such figure is gone up to about 4.000 and involves about 135 nations. The occupational impact and economic generated total piles to beyond 68,4 million direct workers and a generated added value, deriving from the exchanges, little more than 850 billion dollars. Moreover, second authoritative esteem, in the Free Zones would go to concentrate themselves, with passing of the time, 40% about of the total of the export of a Country.

In Europe various cases of Free exist mainly Zones to various levels of operativity (draft of characterized free points inside harbour areas). Ten in Denmark, eight in Germany, three in Greece, five in Spain are counted some for example. In Italy there are four Bonded areas to Trieste, Venice, Gioia Tauro and Taranto.

The agreement undersigned today, as the analogous ones who the Bank of Naples is signing with other Authorities of Harbour System and for which has put on a plateau of 1,5 billion euros, has the scope to tighten a relation of long period and of tightened collaboration with the AdSP in order to support the enterprises that around the harbour systems will realize work of requalification and potenziamento, new takeovers with new places of work, increase of the logistic systems for the benefit of the surrounding economic fields. The objective is to support the mission of the AdSP new of Southern Italy because they guarantee to the manifacturing system of the Meridione new and upgraded ability to intercept international commercial flows, so widening the markets of outlet of the produced ones and the territorial excellence in order to withhold in the GDP of Southern Italy how much the more possible added value.

To the today's presentation of the agreement they are taken part Rinaldo Melucci, mayor of Taranto, Vincenzo Cesareo, president of Taranto Confindustria, Francesco Guido, general manager of the Bank of Naples and regional director of Intesa Sanpaolo, Sergio Prete, president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ionian Sea, Alessandro Panaro, responsible "Maritime & Mediterranean Economy" of SRM, and Gianluigi Venturini, commercial director enterprises of Intesa Sanpaolo.

"the ZES - it has evidenced the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ionian Sea, Sergio Prete - is one of the strategic elements that they contribute to the valorization of the logistic and infrastructural patrimony of the port of Taranto, that it benefits now of a concrete opportunity of riconnettere itself in general terms to the entrepreneurial world of the territory and to the community of national and international business. The agreement which signed today with the Bank of Naples represents a qualifying factor that increases to the attrattività of our ZES and an ulterior opportunity for the enterprises (existing or of new takeover) that they will decide to invest in our territory".

"The value of the ZES - it has specified Francesco Guido, general manager of the Bank of Naples and regional director Intesa Sanpaolo - go beyond the strong fiscal benefits and the simplified procedures which they can enjoy the investments realized to their inside. They must in fact be point of development and aggregation of the enterprises of the territory voted to the export. It is important, so that they are instrument of effective value, than the ZES are nodal point of the productive system and that they are able also to so speed up a renewed attention to the requirements of formative development of the entrepreneurs as to attract who ago and it produces innovation. The Bank of Naples has reached an important agreement with the Authority of Harbour System of the Ionian Sea, in order to not only guarantee to the financial ZES all the support of which the enterprises need in order to realize their investments, is infrastructural they that entrepreneurial, but also in order to offer, for example, covered of high formation on management, internationalization and digitalisation so as a land shared between these and the hub of the innovation that we have intentional to Naples with Federico II and Bari with the Polytechnic. The Bank of Naples, that a plateau of 1,5 billion euros puts on, considers that the ZES can become authentic areas of excellence and engines of sustainable development of the economy of Southern Italy".

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