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18 December 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 22:00 GMT+1

December 4, 2017

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Signed the hypothesis of agreement for I renew of the contract of the workers of the logistics, transport goods and shipment

Revoked strike of the field of 11 and 12 Decembers

Friday has been undersigned the hypothesis of agreement for renews of national the collective contract of the workers of the logistics, transport goods and shipment. They have announced Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti specifying that the understanding has reached after a negotiation not-stop of five days and two nights and having specified that, consequently, is revoked strike of the field of 11 and 12 Decembers.

"The contract, which expired from 23 months - they have remembered the three labor organizations - regards beyond 700 thousand working and - they have announced - it previews in the economic part, a medium increase of 108 euros to riparametrare and "an one-off" of 300 euros".

"The new contract - they have explained the unions - expires on December 31, 2019 and anticipates innovative elements from the point of view of a new definition of the duty of the travelling staff, valuing of the professionality, with consequent economic acknowledgment. Between the innovations moreover the conditions are created in order to favor the juvenile occupation in order to contrast the separation and the transnational administration. Moreover there are the introduction of the new professional figure of "laughing" that it will be defined within the drawing up of the witnesses and the introduction of the social clause guaranteeing the protections before the Jobs Act if of changes of contract. Moreover they are you anticipate a more precise selection of the changes of contract, prohibiting subcontracts and previewing requisitioned transparent for the choice of the suppliers, a modern working hours that holds account of the new requirements of flexibility in the organization. The will is asserted to constitute regional bilateral agencies, besides that national already existing one, which instruments problematic regolators of the territorial ones of the field and the confederal agreement of 2016 against the harassments and violence has been also understood in the workplace".

"Reserve on the agreement hypothesis - they have specified moreover Filt, Fit and Uiltrasporti - will be melted within on February 1°, 2018 after the assemblies certifyd of the workers will be carried out. Although numerous it confronts - they have added Filt, Fit and Uiltrasporti - the central cooperatives, also having participated to the first three days of the table, they have not signed the agreement hypothesis and we wish that they see again their position, because this field has particularly need to hold united all the row of the logistics".

"We are - the general secretary of the Uiltrasporti has commented, Marco Odone - many satisfying of this I above all renew and of the victory of our bet that as labor organizations have seen to us to work in order to put again with a counterpart engaged uniform and in three different tables, deepening the requirements and the problematic ones of the world of the road haulage, the world of shipments and the logistics of Confetra and, although we are not successful to carry it to the signature, of that of the cooperatives. With along and patient job we are successful to characterize those fractures and those divisions that give decades separated between they the counterparts, causing it renews of the national contract not unitary with heavy repercussions on the rights and the protections of the workers. We are successful to close the contract with this high political objective and are successful also to giving a decent, economic and normative result, for the workers. Uiltrasporti is much satisfying".

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