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18 January 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:34 GMT+1

December 7, 2017

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The positive trend of increase of the fleeting performances of the aerial transport and cargo will continue in 2018

The IATA previews an increase of the economic results and the enlivened traffic

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) previews that in the 2018 economic and operating performance of the airlines they will continue to grow, with the field that will clearly close the year recording a profit of 38,4 billion dollars regarding the clearly attended result in the 2017 that - second the last previsional esteem of the association that in June see again to the rise the forecast of 31,4 billion dollars formulated - it will pile to 34,5 billion dollars.

Such forecast is based essentially on the wait of an important question of accompanied aerial transport in 2018 from an increase of the efficiency of the airlines and from a decrease of the interests that the companies will have to pour for the obtained financings. These positive elements partially will be counterbalanced by an increase of the costs.

The IATA considers that the next year the number of passengers transported from the fleets of the airlines would have to go up 4,3 billion people. Altogether the measured traffic fleeting in passengers transported for operated kilometers (RPK) would have to increase of +6.0%, an increment light inferior to that of +7.5% of the 2017 but still higher than average one of +5.5% in last the 10-20 years. Such increase of the traffic would have therefore to exceed the increase of +5.7% of the ability to the fleets measured in places offered for covered kilometers (ASK). This - it has found the association - will determine a level record of 81.4% of the cargo coefficient.

According to the IATA, in the 2018 revenues generated from the transport of the passengers they would have to reach the value of 581 billion dollars, with a progression of +9.2% regarding 532 billion in 2017.

Positive also the forecasts for the segment cargo. In the 2018 volumes of goods transported would have to grow of +4.5%, inferior rise however to that of marked +9.3% in the 2017 that - it has specified the association - is determined by the requirement of many companies to reconstitute their escorts quickly in order to satisfy unexpected consisting a question, situation that has determined an increase of the air traffic of the goods double regarding the increase of world-wide commerce (+4.3%).

The next year the aerial transport of the goods would have to generate revenues pairs to 59,2 billion dollars, with an increase of +8.6% respect 54,5 billion in 2017.

"The total industry of the aerial transport - it has commented the general manager and managing director of the IATA, Alexandre de Juniac - is crossing a good period. The performances in the field of safety are important. We have a clear strategy that it is giving turned out positive as for environmental performances. Nowadays the people use the airplane more than ever and the question of aerial transport of the goods has reached the elevated level more gives beyond a decade. The occupation is in increase and new routes are being opened. The airlines are reaching sustainable levels of profit. However - it has specified de Juniac - that of the airlines is still a difficult business that it must face great challenges between which the pressure of the costs determined above all from the increase of the prices of the fuel, the job or infrastructures".

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