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13 December 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:30 GMT+1

December 13, 2017

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Federagenti anticipates Confmare, the new "common house of the sea and the ports" within Confcommercio

Examined the problematic ones of the ports of Gioia Tauro, Venice and Taranto

Today to Rome, near the Residence of Ripetta, the National Federation Agents, Raccomandatari Marine and Mediating Marine (Federagenti), in occasion of own assembly anniversary, have introduced Confmare, the new "common house of the sea and the ports" within Confcommercio that is called to coordinate the entire row of operators and enterprises that act on the sea, in the ports and the connected logistics. The president of Federagenti, Gian Enzo Duci, is named national coordinator of Confmare and Cino Milani di Fedepiloti vice coordinator.

In the course of the assembly it is made the point on the reform of the introduced harbour legislation last year and on some truths to high risk of the Italian portualità: Gioia Tauro, Venice and Taranto. Regarding the calabrian port the requirement, supported from the president of the Shipping agents of the Calabria, Michele Mumoli is emerged with force, to guarantee to the more Italian important hub than transhipment of the container normative and rules of the game that allow it to compete to weapons pairs with the Mediterranean and European competition. Among other things it is evidenced as the ships that climb in the port of Gioia Tauro are object of 1.200 inspections to the month (for beyond 15 thousand per year) against the seven inspections per year in the Greek port of the Pireo, inspections - it is found - with effects not a lot on the ability to intercept narcotic traffics, but to limit the efficiency and to strongly return the Italian port less competitive.

Relatively to the port of Venice, she is the city council member to the economic Development of the Municipality of Venice, Simone Venturini, is the president of the Shipping agents of Veneto, Alessandro Santi, and the president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale, Pino Musolino, has rejected clearly the idea that Venice can renounce to its port and live a future of city-museum. The port of Venice - it is emphasized - is strategic for an industrial area as that Venetian one, that it has a productive weight pairs to entire Bavaria, occupies 14,000 assigned to Port Marghera and 2,000 to Chioggia, and 4,500 in the single field cruises. Regarding the cruises, where Venice has lost 300,000 passengers in a year, the renunciation of the cruises would provoke the disappearance of the fleeting ships in all the "sea-lake" of the Adriatic.

Regarding Taranto, for decades culturally bound city also to a concept of industry and public function, by Marina Militare to steel, is called today to an epochal transformation. Transformation of approach that so regards - as emphasized from the president of the Shipping agents of Taranto, Marco Caffio - the private entrepreneurs as the Authority of Harbour System of the Ionian Sea presided by Sergio Prete. Mayor of Taranto, Rinaldo Melucci, has evidenced the importance of a real revolution that allows to pick every which hatched opportunity also from Special the Economic Zone, that it would have to be finalized to root to Taranto private industrial activities that can take advantage also of the opportunities placed in being from the port.

The conclusions are entrusted a round table who has restated the sottovalutazione of the value of the ports by the Italy system. The president of the Association of the Italian Ports (Assoporti), Zeno D' Augustin, has defined absurd and incomprehensible the fact that the topic of the portualità does not re-enter in the knowledge of the political summits and a presidency of the Council, when in consideration of the strategic value and economic the ports would have at least to occupy 10% of the time of the Prime Minister of any government.

Ivano Russo, councilman of the minister of the Transports, has emphasized as this absurdity perpetual although the ports guarantee to the State a jettison at sea anniversary of 15 billion euros. Russian, that it has defined "ridicules" and "boiata" harbour proposals of Spa that live, as public, the same constraints of an Authority of System, has invited the field to concentrate the efforts on the provisions. Between these the new "revolutionary" norms on the dredgings with the transformation of the concept of the "mud" in "detritus" with a simplification of the digestion procedures.

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