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December 14, 2017

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Completed one of the steps more important in order to value transalpine the railway axis goods of Saint Gottardo

Fallen the last diaphragm of the new gallery of the Bözberg

One of the steps more important is completed by Swiss part in order to value the transalpine railway axis of Saint Gottardo. In recent days, in fact, the last diaphragm of the new gallery of the Bözberg has fallen, planned tunnel in order to replace the current gallery of the Bözberg with a new gallery between Effingen and Schinznach-Dorf in the within of the participations in order to realize a corridor between Basel and Chiasso along which, from 2020, it will be possible to transport on the line railroad north-south you semitow with height to the angles of four meters contributing so to the transfer of the transalpine traffic goods from the road to the track.

The current gallery of the Bözberg, to not suitable binary double quantity and to the passage of trains that transport semitowings of four meters, will act as tunnel of service and rescue for the new gallery, with which it will be connected by five passages used after escape ways.

The corridor of four meters realized with the gallery of the Bözberg, with the gallery of base of Saint Gottardo and to that of Monte Ceneri, is the third main Helvetic project for the attainment of the objective in the long term of transfer of the traffic and to the promotion of an ulterior increase of the traffic goods. According to the esteem, thanks to the corridor of four meters every year 160 000 transalpine transports will be moved by the road to the track.

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