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December 14, 2017

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Triennial Operations plan 2018-2020 of the harbour system Venice-Chioggia previews investments for 440 million euros

To October the traffic goods Venetian port is diminished of the -3,0% and the cruises have marked -16,2%

Last October the port of Venice has enlivened 2,1 million tons of goods, with a decrease of the -3,0% regarding October 2016. The decrease is caused by the decrease of the -11,2% of the liquid bulk that is come down to 704 thousand tons. They have turned out down, instead, is the goods several that has totaled 802 thousand tons (+3.5%), of which 489 thousand tons of containerized cargos (+2.2%), 145 thousand tons of rotabili (+32.8%) and 168 thousand several tons of other goods (- 10.1%), it is the solid bulk that is piled to 685 thousand tons (+11.3%). In the field of the cruises the traffic has been of 193 thousand fleeting (- 16.2%).

In the first ten months of this year the Venetian port has enlivened altogether 20,4 million tons of goods, with a contraction of the -3,5% on the January-October period of 2016. The total of the goods several has been of 7,9 million tons (+2.1%), of which 4,7 million tons of goods in container (- 1.0%) totaled with a handling of containers pairs to 505.393 teu (- 1.2%), 1,3 million tons of rotabili (+43.0%) and 1,9 million several tons of other goods (- 8.0%). The solid bulk and those liquid are dropped respective of the -9,3% and -4,0% attesting to 5,2 million and the 7,3 million one tons. In the first ten months of the 2017 crocieristi they have been beyond 1,3 million (- 12.1%).

While the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale, the new agency that is succeeded to the Harbour Authority of Venice and that besides the Venetian port of call it administers also the port of Chioggia, has introduced Triennial Operations plan 2018-2020, the first for both harbour ports of call and that it previews in the period investments for 440 million euros.

The document analyzes the course of the traffics in the last quinquennium, with those enlivened from the port of Venice that have succeeded in last year to attest themselves around 25 million the tons with a decrease of about the -15% regarding the level pre-crisis (a 2008), while the traffic fleeting in 2016 is piled to about 1,7 million people, recording during the last few years light decrease which had to the limitations taxes to the income of the cruise ships. To such traffics they go to join those of the port of Chioggia, characterized, particularly, from solid bulk and goods in necks, with a medium volume of the last four-year term pairs to 1,6 million tons.

POT 2018-201 evidences that one of the main motivations of the reduction of the traffic goods of the port of Venice resides in the repentina bending, observable in the field of the liquid bulk, due mainly to the cessation of the arrivals of oil crude oil deriving from the transformation of the Eni refinery in bio-refinery and refinery IES of Mantua in warehouse. However, although the total decrease, the goods in necks, composed from traffic ro-ro, several goods and container, has maintained their market share hauled by the strong and constant increase of the segment container that to the term of 2016 it has made to record a +7.7% regarding the year precedence. In light increase, the last three years, the course of the solid bulk.

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