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18 January 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:11 GMT+1

January 8, 2018

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ANITA, to the hypothesis not to introduce a "toll of corridor" in order to reduce the traffic of heavy means on the axis of Brenner

Today to Monk of Bavaria first of two summits in order to characterize the measures in order to achieve this scope

Today to Monk of Bavaria it is in program first of two summits in order to define the possible measures for the reduction of the heavy traffic on the axis of the Brenner to which the participation of the ministers of the transports of Italy is previewed, Austria and Germany.

One of the dealt topics will be that of the "toll of corridor" between Monk of Bavaria and Verona, previewed measure is in order to discourage the transit of those heavy means that, also lengthening considerably their distance, choose Brenner because more convenient is in order to encourage the transfer of the goods from the road to the track.

The association of the road haulage ANITA has expressed contrarietà regarding the hypothesis to introduce a "toll of corridor": "to reduce the traffic of heavy means on the axis of Brenner increasing the tolls, according to the Svizzero model - it has found the president of the association, Thomas Baumgartner - are not a percorribile solution, because if all the adjacent Countries seguissero the example of Switzerland in topic of truck transit, the system of the Italian exports would risk the collapse and the most important markets of outlet would be difficultly approachable. The competitiveness of the Italian manufacturers, moreover, would get worse ulteriorly".

Exported Italian ANITA has remembered that 70% of the goods must cross the Alps and the flows are concentrated fundamentalally on three of the seven possible passages of the alpine arc: Monte Bianco, Switzerland and Brenner, that they are the more important as they connect Italy with more productive the European regions and with the greater markets of consumption as France of the north on the axis Lyon - Paris - the Havre, the Benelux, England and Germany of the Rhein-Main/Ruhr zone. The crosswalk of Brenner moreover servants also for the exports towards the Scandinavian Countries, Germany oriental and, not last, richest Bavaria. The association has emphasized that if it is true that the passage of Brenner is less expensive of the three, however "the tolls however they lautamente repay the costs of respective infrastructures and the budgets of the A22 of Brenner, but also of the A13 of the part Austrian, from Brenner until Innsbruck - it has evidenced ANITA - demonstrate clearly".

"To adapt the costs of the other passages of the alpine arc at the level of those of Switzerland - it has observed Baumgartner - it would be deleterious for the Italian economy. Rather than to increase once again the costs of I use it of highway infrastructures - he has explained - is necessary that the Italian government and the EU take part on Switzerland so that the crosswalk of their territory becomes less expensive and easyr, so that they are not the other Countries adjacent to you must yourself be made cargo of turned aside traffics of transit for cost reasons".

"Also the used systems of dosage recently by Tirol and of new in program for the 8 of January - it has continued Baumgartner - have the effect of an increment of the costs, besides to move the environmental problem on the adjacent Countries as Bavaria or Alto Adige, than they are found to face long assemblies on the freeways because of the limitation of the passages to 300 trucks to the hour tax from the system of dosage".

ANITA fifth has invited the president of the Independent Province of Bolzano "to desist running after the president of Tirol Platter for the introduction of the so-called "Korridor Maut" from Monk to Verona, than - she has specified the association - it is nothing else that another skillful unjust tax that ago to leaven the costs of the European economic productive system".

"The problems of the traffic - Baumgartner has restated - do not resolve with always new tariff impositions and increase, but with intelligent investments in computerized and infrastructural systems that afford to dilute the traffics on all the every day temporal arc and more possible alpine passages, they are they street that railway, but without controlled participations in favor of or of another system. It is the parity of treatment and joint conditions of market that guarantee the greater efficientamento of or another system or passage".

"We hope - it has concluded the ANITA president - than the minister of the transports German understands the importance of free flows of goods from constraints or contingentamenti for the same economy of Germany, closely connected not only to Italy but, through Italy, also to the other Countries of the Mediterranean as Turkey or Tunisia".

Al summit today to Monk of it will follow a second on the same topic that will hold next 15 January to Bolzano.

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