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18 February 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 10:57 GMT+1

January 26, 2018

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In the 2017 almost totality of the Chinese ports it has celebrated new historical records of traffic

Last year the marine ports of call have enlivened 8,62 billion tons of goods (+6.4%)

In the 2017 entire harbour system of China it has reached a quota record anniversary of traffic of the goods having enlivened 12,64 billion tons of cargos, with a progression of +6.4% on the previous record established in 2016. The new historical peak is generated is from the record of traffic enlivened from national the marine ports, that tons have been pairs 8,62 billion, is from the record of traffic enlivened from the internal ports of the country, than it has been attested 4,02 billion to tons, volumes that represent increments respective of +6.4% and of +6.3% on the precedence achieved records both in 2016.

Last year the main Chinese marine ports for traffic volume have been Ningbo-Zhoushan that has been the first world-wide port has to enliven beyond a billion of tons in a year having totaled 1,01 billion tons of cargos (+9.2%)(on 28 December 2017), therefore Shanghai with 705,6 million tons (+9.4%), Guangzhou with 566,2 million tons (+8.4%), Tangshan with 565,4 million tons (+8.6%), Qingdao with 508,0 million tons (+1.5%), Tianjin with 502,8 million tons (- 8.7%), Dalian with 451,1 million tons (+3.3%), Yingkou with 362,4 million tons (+2.9%), Rizhao with 360,0 million tons (+2.8%), Yantai with 285,6 million tons (+7.6%) and Zhanjiang with 281,5 million tons (+9.9%).

In the 2017 those which between these ports they have recorded own new record traffic anniversary they have been Guangzhou (the precedence record was of 2016), Tangshan (2016), Qingdao (2016), Dalian (2016), Yingkou (2016), Rizhao (2016), Yantai (the 2016) and port of Zhanjiang (than also it had established the precedence peak in 2016).

2017 a year has been about to the Chinese ports record also for the containerized trade. Altogether last year handling of the container has been of 236,8 million teu, with an increment of +8.3% on the previous record realized in 2016. The new maximum is produced graces is to the record of traffic of the container enlivened in the marine ports, that it has been pairs to 209,9 million teu, is to the enlivened record of traffic from the internal ports of call, than it has been attested almost 27,0 million teu, figures that are advanced respective of +7.7% and +13.0% on 2016 when the precedence was recorded both maximum anniversaries.

Last year the main Chinese ports for containerized trade volume have been Shanghai, that it has been the first port to the world to have old the threshold of 40 million teu enlivened in a year having totaled 40,2 million teu (+8.2%)(on 19 January 2018), Shenzhen with 25,2 million teu (+5.3%), Ningbo-Zhoushan with 24,6 million teu (+14.3%), Guangzhou with 20,1 million teu (+7.7%), Qingdao with 18,3 million teu (+1.4%), Tianjin with 15,0 million teu (+3.6%), Xiamen with 10,4 million teu (+8.2%), Dalian with 9,7 million teu (+1.3%) and Yingkou with 6,3 million teu (+3.0%).

In the 2017 all these main ports container have recorded the own new record containerized trade anniversary, exceeding that achieved from all these ports of call in 2016, with the exception of the port of Dalian that has marked own historical peak in 2014 with 10,1 million teu.

Also in the last month of the 2017 marine ports and the Chinese internal ports they have established new records of traffic of the goods relatively to the single month of December having enlivened respective 679,0 million tons and 349,0 million tons, with increments of +3.6% and +2.7% on the precedence obtained records both in December 2016.

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