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January 30, 2018

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In the 2017 port of Palermo it has enlivened 6,31 million tons of goods (- 2.7%)

The passengers are diminished of the -5,0%, with a -4,0% of the ferries and a -10,0% of the cruises. Increases of +180.8% and +628.9% of the goods and the passengers to Termini Imerese

Last year the ports of Palermo and Termini Imerese, that they are administered by the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Western Sicily, have enlivened altogether 6,98 million tons of goods, with a progression of +3.8% on 2016, of which 4,45 million tons of goods to disembarkation (+1.0%) and 2,53 million tons to boarding (+9.0%).

In the 2017 single port of Palermo it has enlivened a total of 6,31 million tons of cargos, with a decrease of the -2,7% on the year precedence, of which 4,08 million tons to disembarkation (- 4.0%) and 2,23 million tons to the boarding (- 0.3%). In the field of the goods several the total in import-export has been of 5,91 million tons (+0.6%), of which 5,75 million tons of rotabili (0%) and 159mla tons of goods in container (+24.9%) realized with a handling of containers pairs to 13.310 teu (+9.5%). Handling of new cars of factory has been of 59 thousand vehicles (+12.6%). In the section of the liquid bulk producing are enlivened 352 thousand tons of oil refined (- 29.0%) and in that of the solid bulk 46 thousand tons of cargos (- 59.0%), of which 34 thousand tons of cereals (- 58.0%) and 12 thousand tons of other goods (- 61.4%).

Last year the traffic of the passengers in the port of Palermo has been of 1,81 million people (- 5.0%), of which 1,24 million passengers of the ferries (- fleeting 4.0%), 115 thousand of local marine services (+5.8%) and 459 thousand crocieristi (- 10.0%), of which 75 thousand as home port (+4.4%) and 384 thousand in transit (- 12.3%). The cars to the continuation of the passengers have been 416 thousand (+3.5%)

In the 2017 single port of Termini Imerese it has enlivened 671 thousand tons of goods (+180.8%), of which 367 thousand to disembarkation (+142.1%) and 304 thousand to boarding (+248.0%). The total traffic of the rotabili has been pairs to 527 thousand tons (+451.1%), while that of the solid bulk has totaled 144 thousand tons (+0.5%), of which 47 thousand tons of cereals (- 2.3%) and 97 thousand tons of other cargos (+1.9%). Handling of new cars has been of 6 thousand unit (+99.2%). In the segment of the passengers of the ferries the traffic has been of 73 thousand people (+628.9%) and the cars to the continuation have been 30 thousand (+498.7%).

In the last trimester of the 2017 single port of Palermo it has recorded a decrease of the -1,5% of the traffic of the goods that has been pairs to 1,54 million tons regarding 1,57 million tons in the period October-December of the year precedence. The goods several is piled to 1,46 million tons (+0.1%), of which 39 thousand containerized tons of goods (- 6.5%) and 1,42 million tons of rotabili (+0.3%). Liquid bulk and solid bulk are diminished respective of the -24,6% and the -13,2% attesting to 71 thousand tons and 15 thousand tons.

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