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18 February 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 11:50 GMT+1

February 1, 2018

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Stable the traffic of the goods in the port of Ravenna in 2017

Decrease of the goods several. In increase the bulk. The total of the fourth trimester has been of 6,7 million tons (+1.1%)

In the 2017 traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Ravenna he has turned out stable being piled almost 26,0 million tons, analogous volume to that of the year precedence. The import traffic has been pairs to 22,6 million tons (+2.5%) and that of export to 3,3 million tons (- 13.5%).

The total traffic of the goods several is diminished of -7,9% to the 10,0 million one tons, of which 1,9 million containerized tons of goods (- 24.4%) with a container handling that has been pairs to 223.369 teu (- 4.8%), 1,7 million tons of rotabili (- 6.7%) and 6,3 million several tons of other goods (- 1.7%).

The decrease of the goods general is compensated by the increase of the traffic of the bulk. In the field of cargos liquids tons (+4.8% are enlivened 4,5 million), of which 201 thousand tons of crude oil (+32.6%), 1,8 million producing tons of oil refined (+3.6%), 618 thousand oil tons of producing gaseous, which liquified or compressed and natural gas (+7.7%), 863 thousand tons of chemicals (- to 4.5%) and 1,1 million tons of other liquid bulk (+9.4%). The total of the bulk sand banks has been of 11,4 million tons (+6.3%), with 5,5 million tons of minerals, concretes and soccers (+13.3%), 2,2 million tons of alimentary commodities, oleaginous feeds and (+5.5%), 1,9 million tons of cereals (- 4.0%), 262 thousand tons of carbons and lignites (+19.9%), 63 thousand tons of producing to metalworkers (+153.6%) and 1,5 million tons of other solid bulk (- 5.2%).

In the 2017 crocieristico traffic in the port ravennate it has been of 50 thousand fleeting (+9.9%).

In the solo last trimester of the 2017 traffic of the goods has been attested 6,7 million to tons, with an increment of +1.1% on the fourth trimester of the year precedence, of which 6,1 million tons of imports (+8.0%) and 651 thousand tons of exports (- 36.4%). The goods several is dropped altogether of -21,4% to the 2,2 million one tons, of which 335 thousand tons of goods in container (- 46.7%), 410 thousand tons of rotabili (- 17.2%) and 1,5 million several tons of other goods (- 13.3%). The liquid bulk has grown of +11.4% almost 1,2 million tons and those solid ones are gone up of +20.5% to 3,3 million tons.

"The data of handling in port in 2017 - the president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Centro Settentrionale has commented, Daniele Rossi - show that the traffic still "holds" and the year are shut with numbers that are attested on those of 2016. The bending of the container - it has found Rossi - confirmation the necessity to accelerate on the front of the realization of the programmed investments. How much previewed in the harbour Project Hub of Ravenna, by now to the final beaten ones of its autorizzativo distance, united to all the actions that are getting ahead for the efficientamento of the harbour services, for the informatizzazione of the system and the modernization of the nets of road and railway connection the terminals will have fallen back positive on the activity of all and will contribute to the increase of every type of traffic".

"Ravenna - it has continued Rossi - confirmation, also for 2017, the main port for the import of raw materials and semifinished ones for the Po industrial field. We must, but, to work in order to reduce, through an action of marketing aimed at the exporting companies of our basin of reference, the currently existing difference between the amount of goods disembarked (22.644.555 tons, with an increment of 2.5% regarding the 2016, best one turned out from 2008), and those boarded (3.345.820 tons, with a decrease of 13.5%, pairs to five years ago)".

Relatively to the crocieristico traffic, the president of the AdSP has emphasized that "the Terminal Cruises must express still greater, adequate numbers to own infrastructural potentiality, and for this, even though on the whole international scene of the field, which often legacies to the strategies of the great operators or to unforeseeable geopolitical events affect external factors, it is working itself with the terminalista in order to promote in way more effective and coordinated the port of call".

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