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February 8, 2018

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Agreement RFI - AdSP of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale for the infrastructural potenziamento of the ports of Venice and Chioggia

Musolino: the understanding will allow to work in order to eliminate the bottle necks giving new impulse to the arrival and to I forward it of the goods

Today Maurizio Gentile, managing director of Italian Railway Net (RFI), and Pino Musolino, president of the Authority of the Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale, has undersigned a protocol of understanding for the infrastructural potenziamento of the ports of Venice and Chioggia. The agreement previews the institution of a combined working group who in next the six months will characterize the necessary participations to the upgrading of harbour infrastructures, also in relation to the increase of the traffics already recorded and to the ulterior previewed development, and the improvement of their connections with national the railway net.

A first phase of participations finalized to the increment of the number of the railroads is previewed and to the adaptation of the module to 750 meters, that they will allow to increase to the quota the traffic goods from and for the port of Venice that takes part of the Core net of the European corridors IT TRY. Moreover participations for the restoration of the railway connection between the port of Chioggia and the national net will be estimated.

The second phase of ulterior participations previews instead the realization of new connections between the harbour net and that national and potenziamento of the node of Venice Mestre - Marghera Port of call.

"The agreement today - it has emphasized Pino Musolino - marks a milestone in the development of the port of Venice and our competitiveness to service of the rich outback and the numerous markets of reference. The railway connections of our port not only go in fact read for their usefullness in local key, but towards the entire System Country and of productive and manifacturing woven its. The railway question of our port of call in the last year in fact has recorded numbers record beginning from 2016 (5,250 trains and 2,2 million tons pairs to a +25% in weight regarding 2015), confirming the increase also in 2017 (+4.3% in weight regarding 2016 and +2.3% number of trains regarding 2016)".

"This type of participations - Maurizio Gentile has declared - re-enters in the widest strategy than development of the entire logistic system of the Country, than it sees to us engaged with the objective to increase the transport goods on iron, through the potenziamento of national the railway net, the adaptation to the international standards, the improvement of connectivity of the ports with other infrastructures of interchange, the international passes and the lines that take part of the corridors TRY".

Musolino has remembered that currently to Venice important railway services are already active some that they return the Terminal Freeways of the Sea of totally intermodal Fusina and connect Greece via Venice with the North Europe (Frankfurt and Rostock) and has evidenced that the developments planned today with RFI will allow also to contribute to the implementation of this important field of traffic that in 2017 has grown of +43% and is previewed can record a positive trend in the next few years also.

"The agreement today - it has specified the president of the AdSP of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale - will allow, in fact, to work in order to eliminate definitively those necks of bottle it is for the port of Venice, but also for that of Chioggia, giving new impulse to the arrival and to I forward it of the goods. We will strengthen our ports of call returning them a pivot logistic to service of the economy of the Country, but avoiding at the same time it wastes of public resources because it has been decided to invest with farsightedness on those railway drafts that serve really to the development and the competitiveness".

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