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19 January 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:02 GMT+1

February 19, 2018

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In the 2017 port of Naples it has enlivened 510 thousand container (+5.5%) and the port of Salerno 455 thousand (+17.0%)

The crocieristico traffic has been of 927 thousand fleeting in first port of call (- 29.0%) and of 66 thousand in the second (- 41.1%)

Last year the ports of Naples and Salerno, both administered from the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central, have enlivened a traffic of the container pairs altogether to 965 thousand teu, with a progression of +10.6% regarding 872 thousand teu in 2016.

In the single port of Naples the traffic has been pairs to 510 thousand teu, in increase of +5.5% on 2016. The traffic of import and export is piled to 483 thousand teu (+1.1%), of which full 379 thousand container (+20%) and 104 thousand empty containers (- 2.3%), while the traffic of transhipment has been pairs to 27 thousand teu (+378.2%).

In the 2017 single port of Salerno it has enlivened 455 thousand teu (+17.0%), total constituted exclusively from containers in export and full import of which 340 thousand teu (+17.8%) and 114 thousand teu empty (+14.7%).

In terms of weight, last year the containerized trade enlivened from the two ports has been attested 11,2 million to tons (+10.7%), of which 5,5 million tons enlivened from the harbour port of call of Naples (+8.7%) and 5,6 million tons from that of Salerno (+12.7%).

In the single second half of the year of the 2017 two ports they have totally enlivened 498 thousand teu (+10.7% on the second half of 2016) for a total of beyond 5,7 million tons (+9.7%), of which 255 thousand teu (+0.7%) for 2,8 million tons (+2.4%) from the port of Naples and 243 thousand teu (+23.5%) for 3,0 million tons (+17.4%) from the port of Salerno.

In entire the 2017 traffic of the passengers in the two of Campania ports it has been of 7,4 million people, with an increase of +3.6% on the year precedence, of which 6,7 million in the port of Naples (+1.9%) and 681 thousand in the port of Salerno (+24.0%). The single crocieristico traffic in the two fleeting of Campania ports has been of 993 thousand, down of the -29,9% on 2016, of which 927 thousand to Naples (- 29.0%) and 66 thousand to Salerno (- 41.1%). In the segment of the marine services of line, to Naples the traffic has totaled 6,7 million passengers (+1.9%), with 857 thousand transported from services with advanced distance to 20 miles (+1.3%) and 5,8 million passengers transported from services short beam (+2.0%), of which 4,0 million imbarcatisi on hydrofoils (+4.0%) and 1,8 million on ferries (- 2.4%). To Salerno the marine services of line have transported 681 thousand passengers (+24.0%), of which 122 thousand from the services to long distance (+12.1%) and 558 thousand from the services short beam (+27.0%).

Altogether last year the port of Salerno has enlivened almost 15,0 million tons of goods, with an increment of +13.8% on 2016. Besides 5,6 million the tons of containerized cargos, in the field of the goods several tons of rotabili (+17.7% are recorded also 8,2 million) and 1,0 million tons of other cargos (- 5.2%). Moreover tons of solid bulk (+8.9% are enlivened 131 thousand).

In 2017, besides 5,5 million the containerized tons of goods, the port of Naples has enlivened 5,6 million tons of rotabili (- 4.6%) and almost 5,1 million tons of liquid bulk (- 2.9%), of which 3,7 million producing tons of oil refined (- 8.1%), 1,1 million tons of natural gas which liquified (+20.7%) and 325 thousand tons of other cargos liquids (- 5.2%). The AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central must still announce the consuntivo of the bulk traffic sand banks enlivened last year from the port of the capital of Campania.

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