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17 December 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 15:35 GMT+1

March 6, 2018

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The Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro denunciation not to have received from MCT clearly slowly of I throw again of the container terminal

A perspective vision of the business choices and the investments - it has contested the agency - cannot be reduced to mere letters of attempts

The answers on the actions and the programmed investments for I throw again of the activity of the terminal for containers of the port of Gioia Tauro that have been correspondents from the concessionary society Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT) to the calabrian Harbour Authority have not satisfied totally the agency, or more better they have not satisfied not at all seen it the firm tenor of militaresca print adopted in order to reply from the authority.

The harbour agency has specified to have sped up the concessionary society, that it takes part of the group Contship Italy, to the complete transmission of the documentation demanded for being able compiutamente to give course to the activity of verification started from the authority "for an appraisal prognosticates of the social ability to tackle to the indifferibili - and many times over announced - investments for I throw again of the terminal, today - has specified the agency - never documented or otherwise corroborated from concrete plans of enterprise, finally coherent with the huge infrastructural participations of this Harbour Authority".

The agency has announced that, "to the state, the society, than also a mere communication bringing has made to reach in date 22. February 2018 declarations of attempts on more better not declined investments, has not intended to offer rigorous reply to demanded how much from the agency in prosieguo of time for the development of the activity of verification of competence".

The authority has clarified moreover that "to such care the agency in date 2 March, against the cited communication from the not exaustive contents that would have had to be managed with greater rigor and waited for seriousness the drammaticità of the real situation that is living the gioiese port of call with assumption of consequent the delicate responsibilities, has considered the reply supplied ridottosi to a mere enunciation by the concessionary society of the will not otherwise satisfattivo to carry out investments, without the unavoidable allegation than demanded from this Harbour Authority, considering that any appraisal of this administration could be completed only on reception complete of the documentation demanded from particular reference to the punctual one and tried is ofthe investments carried out united to the production of detailing cronoprogramma of the investments to carry out in coherence with the social accounting forecasts, corroborated from actions and documents attesting in incontrovertible way the engagements assumed from social management in such direction".

The Harbour Authority therefore has emphasized that, "after all the efforts completed from the public part in order to guarantee in the time levels of absolute suitability of the port of Gioia Tauro actions more and more to return the performances of all performing and competitive the operators, implementing some the quality and assuring some elevated standard of safety, the agency cannot consider exaustive, for the competence appraisals, a partial reply which is that supplied from the society Medcenter Contanair Terminal".

The calabrian authority has concluded finding that, "to beyond the repetitive callback to the crisis of transhipment that it has, as such, not invested only the society MCT, but the great part of the terminals that operate in the field in question that they have evidently recorded an important resumption thanks to business policies of investment in order to return own terminals still more attractive and the services offered with choices oriented to the search and to the consolidation of commercial relations with the shipowners that operate world-wise, the Harbour Authority have indefectible necessity of having a perspective vision of the business choices and the investments clearly, comprised riconnesse the resources there functional financial institutions toneed, than - it has contested the agency - cannot be reduced to mere letters of attempts which that has appeared with which the society it would have supplied the "demanded information", and that above all they are not more in some way postponables to guarantee of a effective I throw again of the managed terminal, in an optical of real perseguimento of the public interest to subtended it".

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