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15 December 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 17:00 GMT+1

March 8, 2018

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Convention of the C.I.S.Co on the digitalisation of the transports

The times are mature in order to make available the data

The topic of the digitalisation of the transports with the "documentary smaterializzazione" let alone those of the codifiche of the terminals, the total database of the fleets container, the digitalisation in the street transport and of the innovations for mobility and the pauses in the intermodal centers has been to the center of the convention from the title "Digitalisation of the transports and documentary smaterializzazione. The technological innovation in transport and in the infrastructures" that it is cured by the C.I.S.Co. (Council of Intermodal Shipping Consultants) and has yesterday held afternoon to the Fair of Padua in the within of the first day of the Green Logistics EXPO.

The encounter, introduced and moderated by Antonio Fulvi, director de "the Marine Gazette", it is opened by a relation of Evelin Zubin on the digitalisation studied and proposed from Consortium 906, a born structure of services and developed to total support of the companies, small and in particular medium, in order to take part through agreements collaboration with the providers of services preventively tested and guaranteed. In this picture - it has found Zubin - the digitalisation is not by now single an opportunity, but a necessity in total key.

About Economy Blue and the connected opportunities Sea has spoken to Mario Dogliani of Foundation CS. Been born in July 2017 between Confalis and Federation enterprises, the Foundation is engaged on the topic of the safeguard of the atmosphere through concrete actions in the dialogue between the institutions EU also for the promotion and eventual financings of projects for the decarbonizzazione and the development of the competences. Dogliani has been stopped on concrete topics, exemplifying an ideal row of the digitalisation of the container (already in work course second some C.I.S.Co projects.) that, transformed in a true computerized terminal, it will be soon in a position to colloquiare is with who sends is with who it receives supplying not only position "just in Time", but also times previewed for the entire cycle of the transports.

Always Dogliani, this time as representative of the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports, has introduced a short film realized with the Italian ministry and that of Malta on the studies in existence with the project STM Italy (Sea Trafic Management) to support of the national policies of implementation and smaterializzazione of the documentations for transport.

An ulterior one contained of STM Italy is illustrated by the participation of Enrico Morten, engineer of under project the Codes developed from C.I.S.Co and dedicated to the objective to reach one it codifies municipality of the terminals, today fragmented and managed with computer science languages that often do not converse between they. In synthesis, C.I.S.Co demonstrates as it is possible, through a tight collaboration and completes between trasportistici institutions, carriers and companies, to reach to obtain compatible codes finalized to at best manage the logistics integrated between sea, earth and also sky.

About the total database of the fleet container, another great project of the Bureau International DES Containers (bic) called Box Tech, has spoken Giordano Bruno Guerrini, president of bic: the total players Maersk, CMA CGM and the companies of chartering of the fleets container cooperate for a combined common structure that the exchange of the technical data allows and in particular affords to the loaders the reporting requirement of the VGM without having to face the costs of the weighing.

In the third and last session Roberto Vidoni di Automarocchi it has illustrated the modernization of the informative system in existence between drivers and headquarters, "the green" development of the fleet, the potentialities interim but also the difficulties that a today up to the minute system meets in the ports and several the hub where still the practical waits of the bureaucratic ones of cargos are exasperating.

In Alessandro Cesari closing it has illustrated the proposals in existence on behalf of Freeways Tech Spa for incomes/exited/mobility and pause in the intermodal centers connected to the net: with pass electronic, imagers that they record automatically, and progressively greater abolition of the paper trails.

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