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17 December 2018 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:12 GMT+1

March 9, 2018

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Filt, unacceptable for marine the risk to lose requirement of boarding for difficulty of the Mit

The union will ask a urgent encounter the Ministry

"The dyscrasias of the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports need newly of an ulterior and umpteenth correction of actions in work course". The Filt Cgil with respect to the Mams qualifications asserts and Mabev for the marine ones, emphasizing that "also on a requirement so important in order to guarantee the operations of emergency on board of the ships and in order to carry aids towards other ships and in favour of the protection of the passengers and the workers, we record still worrisome signs of difficulty on the contents and the times of the formal actions with which our Country would have to be adapted to the international norms of field".

"They are difficulty - the Federation of the Transports of Cgil explains - that they are born mainly from the lack of a system of monitoring of the audience of marine Italians to which the normative provisions of the Mit are turned and that, if of the qualifications Mams and Mabev, they quite risk to make to lose the possibilities of boarding to the workers. A situation that we consider unacceptable".

"The problems to resolve - the Filt evidences - regard the fact that the relative costs of the course cannot be at the expense of the workers, but of the shipowning societies. The institutional part must decline, in more punctual way and without to create difficulties, ways and times necessary to the marine ones in order to adapt itself to the dispositions, and goes characterized more formative centers where to obtain the qualifications. Moreover the sottovalutazione of the fact is serious that the workers have supported, until now uselessly, of the costs for course without being able to participate to you".

"In order to speed up answers - the Filt announces at last - to this and other questions as the refresher course for the marine workers and the formative distances that must qualify the duty of Official Elettrotecnico (E.T.O.), we will ask a urgent encounter the Mit".

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