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March 12, 2018

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Positive economic performances of group OOIL in 2017

Attended ulterior a gradual increase

In 2017, year in which the fleet of portacontainer of the group it has transported cargo volumes pairs to 6,3 million teu with an increase of +3.6% on 2016(on January 26, 2018, the Orient Overseas (International) Ltd. (OOIL) of Hong Kong, than work services of containerized marine transport through the societies integrally controlled Orient Overseas Container Linens (OOCL) and OOCL (Europe) Ltd., have recorded revenues pairs to 6,11 billion dollars, with an increment of +15.3% regarding 5,30 billion dollars in the exercise anniversary precedence. The EBITDA is piled to 691,1 million dollars (+139.5%). Operating and useful profit clearly has been pairs respective to 232,2 million and 137,7 million dollars against sign results both negative and pairs to -138,2 million and -219,2 million dollars in 2016.

In the single second half of the year of 2017, in which the transported cargo volumes from the fleet have been pairs to 3,2 million teu with a progression of +0.7% on the first half of the year precedence, the revenues of the group of Hong Kong have totaled 3,2 billion dollars, with an increase of +17.3% regarding 2,90 billion dollars in the first six months of 2016. The EBITDA has been of 358,7 million dollars (+272.5%). Also in the second half of the year last year turned out operating and economic result clearly they have been both of positive sign and pairs respective to 122,6 million and 84,0 million dollars against results both of sign negative and pairs to -18,7 million and -56,7 million dollars in the second half of 2016.

"In the 2017 - the OOIL president has commented, C C Tung - economic picture it has turned out better of the waits of the analysts. After a decade of limited increase, we have assisted to more important results is relatively to the Gross Domestic Product one that to the volume of commercial exchanges in great part of the main world-wide economies. This - it has emphasized Tung - has been a positive change after the point of minim marked from the field in 2016. This synchronism of the increase - it has observed the president of the group of Hong Kong - turns out to be a rare phenomenon in the recent history and can very make to hope for the sustainability of the resumption".

"However - it has specified Tung - the increase of the offer continues on the marine routes. Even if the orders of new ships are diminished in relative terms, the increment of the continuous ability to characterize some main routes. Currently they are taken in delivery and placed in service the ships of great dimension that are ordered during the last few years. Moreover, with the rise of the commercial exchanges, the continuous field to introduce additional services using ability to cascade or that it was previously not employed. This combination between a sturdier economic increase and a continuous one, even if moderated, increase of the offer, with prices of the elevated fuel more, does so as that for OOIL and the other companies of the continuous field the scene to only introduce a gradual resumption and not the boom that some analysts expected from the first signs of improvement of the economic data".

"2017 - however it has evidenced Tung - have been a year of considerable increase for the group. He is comforting to state that this increase is reached without an impact negative on the economic account. Now that we have taken in delivery all and six our ships from 21.413 teu, with these titaniums of the sea we not only have greater ability, but also of a more efficient base of costs. A time that is placed in service the new great ships the whose delivery was previewed within 2018, and with a pocketbook orders relatively contained for 2019 and 2020, and taking into consideration the improvement of the economic results, we are trusting that the field can begin to enjoy a greater stability regarding how much has happened for many years. Meantime we maintain an approach positive even if, in a sure measure, cautious. Against this economic scene in progressive improvement and the context of a field about to consolidation, the future of OOIL seems to be promising. We - he has concluded Tung - have papers in order in order to continue to grow and confide to preserve our status which one of the companies with the elevated performances of the field more".

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