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26 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:39 GMT+1

March 28, 2018

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The system of the Sardinian ports is first in Italy for traffic of the passengers of the ferries and third party for the goods

Deiana: the position of our portualità confers us greater power of and on a national level European dealing, but above all in the attribution of the economic resources

The system of the Sardinian ports is first on a national level relatively to the traffic of the passengers of the ferries and is third party in Italy as for enlivened the total volume of goods. It emphasizes the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sardinia referring to classifies 23rd March of the which drafted AdSP Italian in written up from Assoporti and diffused statistical Bulletin 2017 in occasion of the last shareholders' meeting of the association of the Italian ports held to Rome.

In particular, with specific reference to the goods, the ports of the Sardinia, excluding not still constituted AdSP of Mare Tirreno Meridionale of Ionian and the Strait (the ports of Gioia Tauro and Messina), place to the third party place with 48.844.273 tons of goods enlivened in 2017 (liquid, solid bulk, containers, sundries and on rubberized) preceded from the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western (ports of Genoa and Savona - I go) and, to the first place, from that of Mare Adriatico Orientale (ports of Trieste and Monfalcone). Fourth position for the Sardinia, instead, relatively to transported heavy means, with 501.764 units, preceded from Naples - Salerno, Livorno - Piombino and Genoa - Savona - I go.

In the field fleeting of the ferries, instead, the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sardinia stops the supremacy with 4.670.320 of people enlivened in the ports of the island, with a separation regarding the second Italian AdSP (Tyrrhenian Sea Northern - Livorno and Piombino) of 1.924.806 units.

The Sardinian ports, at last, are to the sixth place in Italy regarding the crocieristico market, with 564.169 passengers always recorded in 2017.

"The statistical bulletin of Assoporti for year 2017 - it has evidenced the president of the AdSP of the Sea of Sardinia, Massimo Deiana - is the clearer and ordered photo up to now which took to the panorama of the marine transports of our Country after the reform. The result recorded in the 2017 confirmation the enormous potentiality of our ports in the national system and the Mediterranean and the strategic role that the Sardinian AdSP, in quality of only cabin of direction, will have in the future of the same ones and of the isolana economy".

"The data - it has added Deiana - recall the necessity of throw again of the national portualità with investment plans in strategic works in a position to allowing a recovery of the gap of our Country respect to other euromediterranee truths. Participations not only infrastructural, but also of technological innovation and digitalisation of the processes and the harbour operations, that they will go to return more efficient and sure the ports of call. The position of our portualità to the third party place on the goods and to first on fleeting us today confers greater power of dealing in the national choices of throws again and, to European level, a voice more hard for the next relative initiatives to the review of the Freeways of the Sea, of the Transeuropee Nets of the Transports (Tries) and, above all - it has emphasized Deiana - in the attribution of the economic resources".

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