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24 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 11:53 GMT+1

March 29, 2018

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In 2017 the traffic has grown of +7% goods transported from the railway enterprises of FerCargo

The association will introduce demanded of adhesion to Confetra

In the 2017 traffic goods transported from the railway enterprises that join the FerCargo association it has grown ulteriorly regarding 2016, with an increment of +7% that has provoked a total increase of the entire section of the railway cargo of about +3% regarding 2016. It has returned FerCargo in occasion of the today's assembly of the association, evidencing that currently the represented national market share from the associate enterprises is of 45% (value in train-km) and that the market share on the represented international traffic is instead of 65% (value in number carried out trains).

Emphasizing that "the railway enterprises of the field goods independent of group FSI confirm of being protagonists of I throw again of the Italian railway cargo" and that these continue to being the effects of the "cure of the started iron" about three years ago from the Ministry of Transportation, the president of FerCargo, Gianfranco Laguzzi, has specified that however, in spite of the radical change of direction happened with the resumption of the traffic beginning from 2015, the gap regarding the quota the railroad remains still obvious goods regarding the other modalities of transport, anticipates in many European Countries. It is necessary - he has observed Laguzzi - to give continuity to the undertaken distance, indeed if possible to strengthen it and to return it in future structural, since the numbers are demonstrating that the under way therapy works.

For this - it has concluded Laguzzi - attention and participation by the legislator and of the next government deserve the following topics: adoption of the module of conduct with only machinist (in this case - it has found the president of FerCargo - Italy must adapt to the present model in all the other Countries in Europe, affording an increase of the efficiency and a cost reduction and therefore of the prices to the customer, estimated around 8%); institution of agencies for interim job of the conduct staff train (also in this case - Laguzzi has restated - Italy must be adapted to the present models in other European countries); I use in the short possible time of the increase of the weight towed to 2.000 tons (means - Laguzzi has explained - to take advantage of the important beginning from investments and infrastructural participations programmed and started from the Ministry of Transportation 2015, that they complete the adaptation to the European standards of the Italian railway infrastructure).

In occasion of the today's assembly Association of the Constructors is instituted FerCargo Rotabili -, Holders, Asset Manager and railway Maintenance men of Rotabili goods. They compose: Bombardier, CZ Loko Italy, Imateq, Locoitalia, Ma.Fer, Siemens, Tiberco and Vossloh. The new association, supporter with the FerCargo galaxy, intends to promote and to represent ahead in via permanent general and the Italian enterprises associated the European, national and local authorities, administrations and/or agencies, for all thematic having the relief or glares on the planning, construction, commercialization of railway rotabile material, services of maintenance, services of asset rotabili managements and chartering. Moreover the new organization intends to favor the efficientamento and the modernization of the rotabile material to the aim to contribute to the organic and sustainable development of the rail shipment goods. The president of FerCargo Rotabili is Alberto Lacchini (Locoitalia); the general secretariat is entrusted Giuseppe Rizzi.

While the number of the associated railway enterprises to FerCargo thanks to the adhesion of Adriafer has grown also. Moreover the assembly has voted unanimously the adhesion of FerCargo to the Italian Confederation General Trasporti (Confetra), demanded of adhesion received with satisfaction from the president of Confetra: "in the past few years - Nereo Marcucci has remembered - we have collaborated intensely with FerCargo because they grew is the knowledge that the coherent actions of short and medium period with the need throwing again the rail shipment of the goods". Evidencing that the consuntivo of 2017 introduced to the associative assembly of Fercargo confirmation first turned out important and reminds the necessity - shared from Confetra - of ulterior participations, Marcucci has emphasized that "the demand for adhesion to our Confederation, that I will carry the next committee, contributes to integrate the competences and the rappresentatività of the rail shipment in Confetra that confirmation common house of marine, terrestrial, aerial and railway the industry logistic".

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