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March 29, 2018

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In the 2017 fleet of portacontainer of Chinese COSCO Shipping Lines it has transported 20,9 million container (+23.7%)

COSCO Shipping Holdings clearly has archived item the exercise anniversary with a profit of about 768 million dollars

In 2017 shipowning group COSCO Shipping Holdings, than work services of containerized marine transport through the society integrally controlled terminalistici COSCO Shipping Lines and services through the controlled COSCO Shipping Ports, it has increased of +29.5% the revenues that have attested to 90,40 billion yuan (14,4 billion dollars) regarding 69,83 billion yuan in the exercise anniversary precedence. The single segment of the containerized marine transport and the correlated services has produced to revenues pairs to 86,75 billion yuan (+30.3%), of which 77,85 billion produced from the single services of line (+37.5%), while the field of the harbour terminalismo has generated revenues pairs to 4,29 billion yuan (+14.0%).

In the 2017 fleet of portacontainer of the group that is operated by COSCO Shipping Lines, fleet that to year-end on December 31, 2016 had a consistency of 360 ships (+15.4% on) for a cargo ability pairs to beyond 1,8 million teu (+10.3%), has transported containerized cargos pairs to 20,9 million teu, with an increase of +23.7% regarding 16,9 million teu in 2016.

Last year the volumes transported on the international routes operated by the COSCO Shipping Lines are piled to 14,5 million teu (+23.4%), of which 3,1 million teu transported on transpacifiche routes (+23.7%), 3,9 million teu on the routes Mediterranean Asia-Europe/(+7.3%), 5,6 million teu from the services in the regions of Asia and Australia (+27.3%) and 1,9 million teu from other international services (+55.7%). The transported containerized volumes on the Chinese national routes have been pairs to 6,4 million teu (+24.6%).

In the 2017 medium revenue for container teu it has been of 3.723 yuan (+11.1%), with revenues medium for teu transported on the international routes that have been of 4.641 yuan (+12.1%) and relative a medium revenue to the national routes of 1.632 yuan (+3.2%). Of the revenues pairs 77,85 billion yuan generated from the marine services of line, 20,33 billion are produced by transpacifici services (+28.5%), 18,63 billion from the services Mediterranean Asia-Europe/(+29.9%), 16,94 billion from the services in the regions of Asia and Australia (+42.5%), 9,40 billion from other international services (+85.7%) and 12,45 billion from Chinese national services (+24.0%).

Last year the containerized trade enlivened in the managed harbour terminals from COSCO Shipping Ports has been pairs, to clearly of the volumes enlivened from the activities dismesse, to 87,3 million teu (+12.6%).

The economic account of 2017 of group COSCO Shipping Holdings altogether records operating costs pairs to 82,76 billion yuan (+17.6%) and an operating profit of 5,66 billion yuan respect to an operating result of sign negative for -5,04 billion yuan in 2016.

COSCO Shipping Holdings has closed the exercise anniversary 2017 with a profit of clearly 4,83 billion yuan (768 million dollars) respect to a net loss of -9,10 billion yuan in the exercise precedence.

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