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March 30, 2018

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Terminalista group German HHLA has closed 2017 with a profit after the taxes of 105,9 million euros (+0.8%)

In the fourth trimester the result after the taxes has been for the first time of sign negative

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) has closed 2017, year in which the managed harbour terminals from the German group they have enlivened a traffic of the container pairs to 7,2 million teu and in increase of +8.1% on 2016(of 8 February 2018), with a profit after the taxes of 105,9 million euros on revenues pairs to 1,25 billion euros, with increments respective of +0.8% and +6.3% on the exercise anniversary precedence. EBITDA and EBIT have turned out pairs to 295,8 million euros (+3.3%) and 173,2 million euros.

The single terminalistica activity in the segment of the container has produced to revenues pairs to 746,6 million euros, with an increment of +7.5% on 2016, while EBITDA and EBIT have turned out down respective of -3,3% and -7,2% to 194,7 million and 109,4 million euros. In the intermodal segment the revenues are piled to 414,0 million euros (+6.1%), the EBITDA to 95,0 million euros (+19.3%) and the EBIT to 69,9 million euros (+25.1%). The field of the operated logistic services from the group has generated revenues pairs to 50,8 million euros (- 7.6%), an EBITDA of 6,9 million euros (+193.4%) and a EBIT of positive sign for 2,5 million euros respect to a sign result negative for -1,7 million euros in 2016.

To signal that in the fourth trimester of 2017, for the first time by when in the 2007 HHLA it is quoted in Stock exchange, the German group has recorded a result after the taxes of sign negative and pairs to -2,7 million euros respect to a profit after the taxes of 21,8 million euros in the quarter October-December of 2016. In the last trimester last year, period in which the harbour terminals of the group have enlivened beyond 1,7 million teu and in the intermodal field the traffic has been of 354 thousand teu, analogous volumes to those enlivened in the same period of 2016, the revenues has turned out pairs to 309,0 million euros, with a progression of +0.7% on the fourth trimester of 2016, while EBITDA and EBIT have marked decreases of the -25,8% and the -112,2% coming down to 50,4 million and 18,0 million euros.

The decided worsening of the results in last part of 2017 is determined by the deterioration of the economic performances in the field of the harbour terminals, in which pairs to 183,0 million euros (+0.6% on fourth trimester 2016 are recorded revenues), an EBITDA of 26,9 million euros (- 49.3%) and a EBIT of 4,2 million euros (- 86.6%).

HHLA previews that in the 2018 enlivened containerized volumes from the group in the harbour field and that intermodal one they will turn out analogous last year to those totaled.

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