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April 5, 2018

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Today a delegation of Asian nations has visited the port of Naples

Lepore and Spirito: it is not time of sterile controversies on Special the Economic Zone

Today a delegation of Asian nations constituted by the ambassadors of Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam has had a series of closed institutional encounters to Naples with a reunion near the center of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central that is preceded by a visit by sea of the port of Naples, with means of Guard Costiera, to the presence of admiral Arturo Faraone, commander of the Harbour office.

"This encounter - the president of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Sea has explained Central, Pietro Spirito - is the first step in order to construct a collaboration that we must cards, with the participation also of the authorities and the harbour operators, between Naples, the adherent Campania and Countries to ASEAN. We are interested to create connections, nets, connections of acquaintance, technology, intelligences between us and Countries in strong development as those represented here today. The institution of Special the Economic Zones - it has found Spirit - will be able sure to favor the increase of the collaboration, because it is our intention to attract investments, to favor exchanges, to develop technologies. We are constructing on our territory a net: besides the harbour system he lives, he exists a strong collaboration with the Airport of Capodichino and the Railway Net. Draft to increase the net, to open new collaborations. Our scope is to return concrete initiatives as the visit of the delegation of the Asian Countries".

And in topic of Special Economic Zones (ZES), the regional city council member lives to the productive Activities, Amedeo Lepore, has announced that ""they reach so demanded of some political forces on the increase of the ZES for the Campania to some areas that do not anticipate requirement of retroportuali areas at all and that they do not have some economic-functional connection, as expected from the law, with the ports of Naples and Salerno". The Development plan of Special the Economic Zone of the Campania is approved of in recent days by the committee of the Campania Region. The city council member has evidenced that such demands are characterized by "pure instrumentality and lack of acquaintance of the norm. We remember - it has specified Lepore - than the surface of the ZES of the Campania has the maximum surface of 5.486 hectares and that the total surface of the Campania is very of 1.359.500 hectares.

"For the areas that had to introduce useful characteristics to the insertion in the ZES also in a subsequent phase - it has specified moreover the regional city council member - we have classified beyond 300 hectares. Now us he seems fundamental, rather than to turn aside the attention and to defer the institution of the ZES, to ask the government to adopt finally, for only the two Regions that have introduced the strategic development plan, I Prime Minister's decree of the ministers of institution of the ZES".

Also the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central has emphasized that "on the institution of Special the Economic Zone of the ports of Naples and Salerno it is not time of sterile and provincialistiche controversies, but is time of decisions. We attend alone - it has agreed Pietro Spirito - I decree conclusive of institution of the ZES by the government. All the responsible forces, of are sure, will operate in order to reach this objective. The elaboration of the Strategic Development plan by the Campania Region - Spirit has remembered - has been yields of a groundbreaking and reasoned elaboration, with the involvement of the economic and social forces, as well as of those institutional ones. The document reserve to be carried out a point of the situation to a year of distance from the operating start of the ZES, with the possibility to allot others 300 hectares, respect to a defined perimeter of 5.100 hectares, own in order to estimate which are the reactions of the economic operators and the market regarding the opportunities of attraction of productive investments. I wish that all the institutional forces - has concluded Spirit - find that unit of attempts necessary in order to put in field those woven of concord and cohesion that is one of the necessary virtues for the success of Special the Economic Zone".

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