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May 4, 2018

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Fincantieri Australia orders propellers of positioning for the cruise ships to the Australian Hofmann Engineering

Costello: the Australian shipbuilding industry can participate to highly competitive a total market and have happened

The Fincantieri Australia, branch of the Italian group Fincantieri, has ordered to the Australian Hofmann Engineering the supply of two transverse tunnel thruster, positioning propellers that will be installed on the cruise ships constructed from the Italian navalmeccanica company. The order last October follows that exploratory one emitted regarding the same society for a maneuver propeller. The new store clerk to Hofmann Engineering includes two options thanks to which the Australian society could construct until six thruster in the within of the agreement.

"We are engaged - the president of Fincantieri Australia has remembered, Dario Deste - in the technology transfer in order to plan and to construct to ships and equipments in Australia, to the aim to create an export market. Transferring the acquaintances and the technology directly to the workers, management, the institutions and the Australian enterprises, Australia will make sure the ability and the independent control in order to on their own account plan and to construct to new ships and advanced equipments. The decision of Fincantieri to emit ulterior orders to the Hofmann Engineering constitutes the demonstration of this transfer".

"We have remained a lot hit - it has added the director of Fincantieri Australia, Sean Costello - from all the societies with which we have started a collaboration and stipulated commercial agreements in last the 12 months. He is rather obvious that the Australian societies can compete are for quality that for price, that it means that local the shipbuilding industry can participate to highly competitive a total market and have happened".

"From October - it has emphasized Erich Hofmann, than with brother John the Hofmann Engineering has founded in 1969 - we have been able to develop our constructive abilities and our equipments and we have aligned ourselves to the standards of the European Union, allowing us of pigs in condition for obtaining the certifications EU. We have obtained this result under the supervision and the guide of Fincantieri, that it has allowed with Hofmann Engineering to complete an enormous step ahead in order to compete in more effective way on the total markets".

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