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May 7, 2018

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Vincenzo Bellomo is new president of the Union Piloti

The association emphasizes that the release of the pilotage licence must remain indispensable element for the exercise of the profession

Captain Vincenzo Bellomo is elected new national president of the Union Piloti (U.P.) in the course of the eleventh ordinary assembly turns saturday near the Amastuola Farmhouse to Crispiano (Taranto). Vice president of the association is elected Marco Ragusa, in force to the Corporation of the Pilots of the Venetian Matting.

Specifying the objectives of its mandate, Bellomo, class 1970, of Trapani, from 14 years in service near the Body of the Pilots of Taranto, has explained that the will is to engage "to defense of all the pilots, comprised the practical ones, because - it has specified - between they not there is some difference. We want also to take care of the dozen of Italian pilots who work abroad. And still, we would want that the U.P was recognized is from the IMPA (Maritime The International Pilots' Association) that from the EMPA (European Maritime Pilots' Association)". Bellomo has launch also a sign relaxing to the Fedepiloti, the other national association that represents the pilots of the ports, with which - it has emphasized - the U.P is not in competition "because both the associations work for the good of the pilots".

"We want to make to understand to all - it has agreed the Raguso vice president - that we make the interests of the pilots and for this we will beat in all the centers. We want stuffed to know most possible and to involve other colleagues". Raguso has been stopped also on the pilotage licence that - it has evidenced - remains fundamental: "to assimilate it to a formation certificate - it has found - it would mean to open the doors to the liberalization. And we to this oppose ourselves".

To open the work of the assembly captain Giuseppe Orr ù that to the term of the reunion honorary vice president is named, in sign of acknowledgment for the profuse engagement to defense of the category has been the outgoing president. In its introductory relation Orrù he has traced a budget of the activities carried out in the last period. Between the achieved results they figure - it has remembered - the birth to Venice of the first marine cluster in which the association has expressed the president, and the acknowledgment of the Union Pilots which group of interest near the European Parliament. Less important has not been the attention lend to the problematic sundries of the Bodies pilots. In such sense captain Orr ù has remembered the case of the difficult negotiation for renews of the contract of the pilotini of Taranto, where the local corporation has been able to count on the support of the association.

Good part of the relation of Orrù is centralized on the regulations EU 2017/352 in matter of supply of harbour services that, although it excludes from the liberalization the pilotage service, recommends to the Member States to favor forms less rigid than pilotage as the PEC (Certifyd of exemption of the pilotage) and the VHF that they on board do not preview the presence of the pilot of the ship. To such purpose the U.P has restated own engagement in ministerial center "so that safety of the marine ports of call, protected own by the pilot and the practical premises, is not disparaged in ossequio to the logical ones of market".

Other touched important topic from the relation of Orrù has been the preliminary investigation for the modification of the regulations for the execution of the Navigation code that the U.P sees as a "opportunity in order to operate a solid stabilization of the mooring service", whose Groups will have to be constituted in cooperatives subordinates to the vigilance and the discipline of the Marine Authority. The next, second step the U.P., would have to be the transfer of the Ministry Circulars that today regulate the service of mooring inside of the regulations and the release of a certificate that attests the professional competence of the working associates. "In this way - it has evidenced Orrù - the access to the profession would be possible single with the acquisition of the same certificate; moreover the administration would have an element in more for being able to justify the limitation of the number of lenders of the service".

With regard to titles, for the U.P the release of the pilotage licence (that it must continue to happening by means of selection from public competition, training of a year with affiancamento to older and expert pilots, and finals) remains the only indispensable element for the exercise of the profession that gives to the Marine Authority the certainty to have to have formed an able professional to distribute a service of guarantor efficiency of safety. The U.P therefore has restated just not to the release of new a specific certificate IMO that replaces the licence. The risk - Orrù has explained - would be, as happened for the command of some Italian ships of the mercantile fleet, that "it connects of other communitarian nationality can exercise the pilotage in the Italian ports boasting the possession of an emitted certificate from their Country and without to possess the Italian definitive licence". The formative U.P has clarified not to be naturally contrary to the development of course for the pilots on new technologies and instrumentations in the past you do not anticipate on the ships on condition that they are not "equipollenti and alternative to the indispensable transfer of experience that happens in the year of training between pilots expert and students pilot".

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