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May 8, 2018

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Approved of consuntivo budget 2017 of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro

New mobile scanner to x-rays for the controls of the goods in port

With the favorable opinion of the revisers of the accounts, today the Harbour Committee of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro has approved of the consuntivo budget of the relative agency to the exercise 2017 that anticipates a remainder of administration of beyond 77 million euros. The authority has specified that draft of partially already bound sums to the infrastructural valorization of the ports that fall back in own administrative division through the realization of considered works strategic, for a value of 65 million euros, based on defined how much in the Triennial Operations plan 2018-2020, between which - it has specified the Harbour Authority - absolute importance assumes the dry dock.

Illustrating the budget, the leader of field of the Harbour Authority, Luigi Ventrici, it has evidenced the positività of the management through some objective elements that of it define the attention and the ponderatezza with which the agency is administered, in the respect of the limits of expense arranged from the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports. To such purpose the increase of the case value that, in the course of 2017, is passed by the initials 121 million euros, relative at the close of 2016 is found, to beyond 130 million euros of the fine ones exercise 2017. Draft - it has emphasized - of important liquid sums that they have a clear destination of use and is immediately available in order to finance infrastructural works.

Moreover the amount of the carried out assessments of competence in 2017 is found, pairs to 26,9 million euros, while the competence engagements have had a value of about 17 million euros. By the collection activity instead a value of about 32 million euros is rendicontato while the executed payments have been pairs to about 24 million euros.
The harbour agency has specified that the oculata economic management has been, as by now from various years, finalized also to the discouragement of the anchorage taxes that are reimbursed to the navigation companies that they berth in the harbour ports of call of competence of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro. In the specific one, for year 2017, to the aim to support the competitiveness of own ports and thanks to the reduction of the running expense, so as expected from the enforced norm, the harbour agency has for reimbursement destined about three million euro of the taxes of anchorage to the navigation companies.

Between the other points on the agenda of the today's reunion of the Harbour Committee the relative regulations to the criteria and the modalities of assumption of the staff, coherent are approved of with the legislative reform of national the harbour system. The objective - it has explained the agency - is that to quickly start the concorsuali on the aim of being able to cover the vacancies in organic plant, functional procedures to the total management of the five ports of competence of the harbour authority.

Moreover the relative regulations to the institution of the independent organism of appraisal of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro are adopted, according to I decree legislative 150/2009 that it puts again to the appraisal of the single Harbour Authorities the choice of the modalities with which to adapt, in their quality of not economic public bodies, the controls in measurement matter and appraisal of own performances.

Moreover today the extraordinary commissioner of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro, Andrea Agostinelli, and the director of the Office of Customs of Gioia Tauro, Domenico Frisario, a protocol of delivery understanding has undersigned, in loan of free use, of an inspecting mobile scanner between the harbour agency Tauro and the Agency of Customs and the Monopolies. Draft of a scanner, equipped of elevated technology, than tip to implement the efficiency of the controls and the inspecting activities on the container by means of it I use of a equipment to x-rays and detector gamma ray, model NUCTECH MD1213DE. The Harbour Authority has specified that, to the aim to increase the competitiveness of the port, the scanner will serve also to velocizzare the fluidity of the transit: graces in fact to its highest ability to control, that it inside inspects any type of goods of the container, it will be possible to answer to the requirement of safety demanded to the port of call and at the same time an acceleration of the operating flows will be able to be guaranteed insides to the port.

Signing the Agostinelli agreement it has evidenced as so "an ulterior and most important task assigned to it is completed from the Minister of the Transports, Graziano Delrio, to the action of its nomination. The scanner - it has explained - will be of support to the operations of judiciary police to work is of the Agency of Customs that of the Customs corps in the repression of illegal traffics".

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