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17 January 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:35 GMT+1

May 9, 2018

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The arrest warrant of the road haulage to Salerno proclaimed from YOU MAKE induces Grimaldi launch new accusations to Honored

Exposed of the shipowning group a Neapolitan denunciation a presumed boycotting put into effect from Tirrenia

The impact of the announcement of the arrest warrant of five days, from the 21 on 25 May next ones, of the services of road haulage from and for the port of Salerno proclaimed from the Federation Italian Haulers (YOU MAKE), associative truth that takes part of Conftrasporto, is being increased like wildfire and from local problem it is becoming a regional and national issue with repercussions, as well as on the harbour activity and the terrestrial transport, also on the marine front.

Yesterday the convened technical table from the commander of the Harbour office of Salerno, Giuseppe Menna, in order to face the problem has been concluded with the decision to collect in a next reunion the proposals of the operators and of the representatives of the several categories interested in order to resolve the criticalities of the internal and external practicability to the harbour port of call lives.

Against the arrest warrant hardly the Neapolitan shipowning group Grimaldi has been lined up that has introduced exposing to the Guarantor Authority of the Competition and the Market, to the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports, to the Authority of Harbour System of the Tyrrhenian Sea Central and to the Campania Region, exposed that it so aims the finger against Tirrenia - Italian Company of Navigation (CIN) denouncing a presumed anti-competitive design that it would be put in existence by the navigation company, than - as the Moby - it is under responsibility of Honored Shipping, shipowning group for a long time on a collision course with the Grimaldi group.

Exposed ago the reference to the new marine lines under way Naples-Catania and Naples-Malta from Tirrenia(on 7 May 2018) live competition with the service for Catania with departures from Salerno of the Grimaldi group and to the lines operated from Tirrenia from Naples for the ports Palermo and Cagliari they also in competition with the lines for same the two isolani ports operated by Grimaldi with departures from Salerno, but calls also in Fabrizio Palenzona cause, already president of the Federation Italian Autotrasportatori and current president of Confrasporto let alone member of the executive board of Italian Company of Navigation.

To the denunciation of the Grimaldi group, than accusation specifically Tirrenia of boycotting of the services of Grimaldi in departure from the port of Salerno, that of the A.L.I.S joins. - Logistic association of the Sustainable Intermodalità, that it is presided by Guido Grimaldi, manager of the same Grimaldi group. The association has increased the shooting rimarcando that which proclaimed from YOU MAKE is not a strike "but a lock out that intends to boycott the job of the companies of transports and logistics that operates on this territory", "an unjustified and pretestuosa lock out - has emphasized A.L.I.S. - that it would provoke a damage of varied million euro for the entire logistic field and the economy of the Country".

According to A.L.I.S., "the abstention from the job of the haulers, that it would stretch at the opening of a technical table in order to resolve the problem of the congestion, is worrisome because lacking in foundation, attended that a table and a dialogue between the interested operators and the president of the Authority of Harbour System exist already from months and the criticalities are taking care to manage every necessary action to the serious resolution of all".

A.L.I.S. it has expressed "worry for the initiative that contributes to aggravate the problem rather than to resolve it" and has specified to remain to the flank "of the enterprises that operate in free market in the port of Salerno and see own activity of put enterprise to risk from the incredible threat of a lock out of five days". The association, aligning itself to the denunciation of the Grimaldi group, has asserted that "with the lock out announced for next 21 May, it is not wanted to be faced the development requirements and improvement of the port of Salerno, for which A.L.I.S for a long time is effectively engaged graces also to the continuous one and profitable I confront with the institutions of the territory, but "to more help" the launch of new connections near ports near by interested operators himself that to the enterprises of the field".

A.L.I.S. it has evidenced that "it does not go forgotten that the congestion pretestuosamente evoked which reason of the lock out is tied to the increase of the volumes of traffic transported in the port of Salerno, that they generate wealth and job for the territory, therefore a positive fact which took into consideration the difficult economic and social conditions in which they pour the regions of the South Italy". The association has concluded distrusting MAKES and its summits undertaking the lock out and has specified that it will estimate "possible actions lawyers to protection of its directed associates to eat the economic damages and of image who would gush from a groundless lock out".

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