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16 January 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:15 GMT+1

May 14, 2018

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Renouncing to attract traffics that could pass for the national ports - Spediporto denunciation - Italy it loses 7,1 billion euros and 157 thousand places of work

Agreement with the local authorities and the representatives of the road haulage in order to increase the efficiency of the port of Genoa

The association of the shippers of Genoa has undersigned an agreement with the E region the local authorities, the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western and with the representatives of the enterprises of the logistic field, in particular with the acronyms of the road haulage, the scope to characterize the modalities in order to return the transit of the goods more efficient and fluid through the port of the capital of Liguria.

The understanding protocol is signed in occasion of the assembly today's anniversary of Spediporto, centralized on the topic "Meeting our goals: connect, perform, excel", in the course of which the president of the association of the shippers, Alessandro Pitto, has evidenced as the efficiency and the productivity of a port are determining in order to guarantee the presence in the port of call of an adapted number of marine lines with the markets foreign countries, but the requirement has rimarcato also infrastructurally to connect the genoese harbour logistics with the markets of central and southern Europe, in particular with Switzerland, this last present today to the assembly of the shippers with Fabio Maciocci, president of the Ticinese Association Imprese of Shipment and Logistics (ATIS), and with Fabio Regazzi, president of the Swiss Shippers' Council.

Pitto, in the report to the assembly that we publish in the address book "Forum of the shipping and the logistics", it has emphasized that the strategic and economic positioning inside of the international markets demands, beyond to efficient levels of structure of "connection", also a highest ability to "performing" and that this delicate topic they not little affect the changed shipowning scenes and the volumes that today move for single transportation units. From this - it has found - the choice of many companies of navigation, abandoned the idea that the single politics of the hires can give back profit to the budgets, to extend the area of business to beyond the single marine segment. Of they are obvious effects - it has observed the president of Spediporto - the extension of the investments of the main world-wide companies in the terminalistico field, also here as in the shipowning field with a concentration that will remove in short the not only options of chosen the shippers, but - it has specified Pitto - it will more and more return them succubi of choices voted to the economies of scale to the detriment of the services to the goods.

Pitto has specified that the effects of such scadimento of the services to the goods are already tangible, with a collapse of the reliability of the schedule of the departures of the ships that turns out pairs to 66.4% in the first trimester of 2018, with a decrease of the -9,8% regarding 2017, with a lengthening of transit Time, with the lack of availability of container in the dates indicated, with the congestionamento of the Chinese and nordeuropei ports, with a reduction of the services in the not strategic ports or of pure feederaggio and with a reorganization or cancellation of services.

In this context, Pitto it has evidenced that, however, the harbour system of the Ligurian Sea Western, with the ports of Genoa and Savona-Go, offers harbour services already today to elevated qualitative standard, so much so that in last the 12 years the increment of 61% of the containerized traffics has happened to almost unchanged infrastructural resources.

However - it has specified the president of Spediporto - it is still lungi the taken advantage of being the role of the logistics and the portualità for the development of the Italian economy, pack-saddles to think - it has explained - than for every container that, also being near the Italian portualità, chooses the consolidated way of the European ports of the Northern Range, the Italian State and the national economy renounces to 7.100 euros for every container, as to say - it has denounced - than today exists a patrimony of business of beyond 7,1 billion euros and beyond 157 thousand places of work to which, at least until now, Italy has renounced.

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