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May 15, 2018

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On the ships of the GNV devices for the treatment of the organic refusals are installed

The Ecodyger systems allow to reduce in sustainable and economic way the organic refuse until 90% of their weight and volume

The company of navigation GNV is installing on own ships of the machinery which thought and planned from the Ecodyger for sustainable and economic regeneration of the humid-organic refusals. On board of the ships Excellent, Excelsior, Rhapsody and Majestic already the first devices are installed: the company previews to implement uses it of the machinery on the entire fleet within end 2018.

The Ecodyger devices are devised in order to reduce in sustainable and economic way the refuse (refusals) organic until 90% of their weight and volume graces to a breeding cycle of sun seven hours that a stable one gives back residual solid dry, a real natural resource that is in all respects an amending employable compostato-compound as natural compost and amending to 100%.

The rigenerabili refusals are generally humid-organic, as the refuse commonly produced in kitchen, and the new materials bio-compostabili which plates, glasies, put down, trays and paper napkins, more and more used in the collective catering.

The application of Ecodyger machinery FOR 235 affords to GNV to rationalize and to improve the traditional management of the humid refusal, with remarkable benefits in terms of space and of respect for the atmosphere. Every installed Ecodyger device FOR 235 is able to deal until 105 kilograms to the mixed humid-organic refuse day with a medium reduction of 70-80% in weight and volume, being allowed to eliminate bad ones odors, percolates, proliferation of germs and bacteria besides a drastic cost reduction of collection in port.

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