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24 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 20:57 GMT+1

May 29, 2018

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Trasportounito and CNA Fita denounce the excessive cost of the diesel oil, that it puts in knee the road haulage

In little more than 12 months the companies of the field have had to clearly support an increment of +10.1%

The associations of the road haulage Trasportounito and CNA Fita newly denounce the excessive price of the diesel oil that hung as a hard sandstone on the budgets of the companies of the field. Trasportounito emphasizes that the situation is by now "outside control for the Italian enterprises of road haulage that risk to having to stop the activity as a result of the increase of beyond 10% in the price of the fuel".

Trasportounito evidences that "the cost of automotive gas oil is in continuous increase. The enterprises of road haulage in little more than 12 months (last data published from the MiSE) - the association specifies - have had to clearly support an increment of 10.10%. The increment record of the industrial cost of the diesel oil would have had to push the road haulage enterprises to ask and to obtain the adaptation of the rate of transport of the goods, on the base of the so-called clause of safeguard (art. 5 law 133 on August 6, 2008) that it holds account of the increase of the average cost of the diesel oil and the freeways. Unfortunately the companies are subordinated to the economic dominanza of the committenza, because of insufficient or the nonexistent one to be able contractual that is profitable difficult, risky and complicated, to proceed to the application of the due adaptations".

Trasportounito explains that "the increment of the cost of the diesel oil in the last year has generated strong tensions on budgets of the road haulage enterprises many of which, in absence of the necessary tariff adaptations, risks to close the activity, with serious consequences also in occupational terms or, still more serious, than to unload on the road all own contractual and structural weakness determining uncontrollable risks for street safety".

The specific association moreover that to the impact negative of the increases of the cost of the diesel oil sum also that of the increases of the highway costs - with a medium increase 2.73%, but in some drafts besides 10% - and of the contractual adaptations of the costs of labor (last I renew 3 Decembers 2017).

According to Trasportounito "the situation by now is deteriotated to such point from not being able to exclude a category mobilization and the opening of specific disputes is of row is in the single business truths. This confirming, however - it specifies the association - the urgency and the necessity to start I confront with institutions, confederations and associations of the field".

From part its CNA Fita asks that "Italy you carry the taxes on the commercial diesel oil from autotrazione under 50% of the total costs to the pump, as they have already made thirteen European Countries. Only so - the national president of the association finds, Patrizio Ricci - it could be given back to the necessary competitiveness to the enterprises of the transport and the entire system Country".

Fita emphasizes that "a study of the CNA finds that, in May, Italy has reached the little enviable one according to place in classifies of the prices of the commercial diesel oil from autotrazione to the pump higher of Europe, behind of Sweden. At the bottom of the ranking the Countries, from Poland to Bulgaria and the Rumania, whose carriers have seen to pull up the kilometers covered on the European roads, with the peak of +55% of Rumania".

"The fuel - Fita remembers - records between the 30 and 40% on the operating costs of the Italian enterprises of road haulage and its continuous course to the rise have contributed in determining way to the decrement of the national transport goods, pairs to 9.4% in the 2013/2016s, and at the close almost 27 thousand enterprises in period 2008/2017. Enterprises replaced from the carriers foreign countries that have penalized our Country in terms of occupation, taxes, taxes and contributions".

"Al industrial cost of the commercial diesel oil from autotrazione online with the great part of the European Countries (Italy is 11th in the relative ranking) - CNA Fita concludes - corresponds taxation and octrois very pairs 59.19% of the price to the pump, that they assign to our Country the second place in Europe for greater imposition, behind of the United Kingdom. The Luxemburg (with 44.12%) is the State where the commercial diesel oil from autotrazione to a lesser degree the state treasury affects, followed from Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Spain".

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