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May 31, 2018

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The delegation of Assoporti abandons conference ESPO for protest against the participation of the Belgian De Gucht

Considered and outside place unacceptable the speech of beyond 15 minutes centralized on the political situation and economic Italian of the former minister and commissioner UE al Commercio

Currently Italy is more of the usual to the center of the European attention because it does not have a government and - and this it is not a thing of these days - for the anything but shining state of the national economy on which the threatening cloud of an enormous national debt flutters. When a nation is so under observation happens immancabilmente that the declarations of political exponents foreign countries more or less critics, or considered such, in confront of the Country in question are rejected as an unacceptable interference political and in business economic of a sovereign State, however - in this case - member of the European Union.

So it has happened in recent days for a declaration which released from the European commissioner to the Budget, the German Günther Oettinger, than in a television interview it has substantially asserted that the course of the Italian economy and the reactions of the markets could in future induce the Italians not to vote for gone populists. A declaration that has triggered a ruckus and that it has induced the EU commission has to diffuse two precisazioni, one to signature of the president in which Jean-Claude Juncker it expresses "own conviction that the risen ones of Italy cannot depend on eventual injunctions of the financial markets. Italy, independently from the parties that will direct it in future - has written Juncker- is a founding Country of the European Union that has supplied an enormous contribution to European integration. The president is convinced that Italy will continue its European distance. The Commission is ready to cooperate responsibly with Italy and in the mutual respect. The Italy deserves respect", declaration that is accompanied by that of the same Oettinger in which it emphasizes to totally respect "the will of the voters of every Country, is they of left, right or central. My intention in making reference to the current developments of market in Italy - law in the note of Oettinger - was not that to lack respect and wishes to apologize. Italy is a founding Country of the Union that has carried out and carries out still an important role in European integration. I hope that it continues on this road".

Today an analogous episode has happened in the within of the conference anniversary of the association of the European ports in development to Rotterdam. As other politicians, Karel De Gucht, already minister of Foreign countries Belgian and European commissioner to the Commerce, in these days has released various interviews on the Italian situation, to tell the truth not so critical in confronts of the Beautiful Country. Today, but, taking part to the conference of the European Sea Ports Organisation, De Gucht is returned on the argument. An participation that the delegation of the Association of the Italian Ports has judged place outside and that it has induced the representatives of Assoporti, that is the president of the Zeno association D' Augustin and the presidents of Authority of Harbour System Stefano Corsini (Tyrrhenian Northerner), Pino Musolino (Adriatic Northerner) and Ugo Patroni Griffi (Adriatic Meridional), to abandon the room of the conference in sign of protest being explained that De Gucht for beyond 15 minutes has parted to go to along, and completely outside place, participation centralized on the political situation and economic Italian with - they have specified - "superficial comments", "excessive polemical notes" and "unsuitable appraisals" that, to warning of the presidents of the Italian ports, they have represented "a intolerable interference in national the internal issues".

Whoever thought that the dams breakwaters that protect the European ports they had the power to contain the choppy sea that churns waters of the EU has remained undeceived.

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