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June 1, 2018

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Today to Olbia the participants to the Circumvectio project have met

The objective to by sea realize a system of the transport of the goods computerized and more efficient

Today to Olbia an encounter between the participants to Circumvectio has been carried out (Circulation of quality of the Goods on Carriers in the logistic Chain of the program), cooperation project that is co-financed by the European Bottom for Regional Development (FESR) by means of Program INTERREG Italy Francia Marittimo 2014-2020 and that it has the objective to by sea realize a system of transport of the goods computerized and more adapted to the requirements of the productive sections, of the logistics and the operators of the marine cluster.

Scope of the reunion, to put to system the institutional and scientific experience matured in order to realize the so-called Cross-Boarding Area Management Platform (CAMP), a platform of collection of information that, thanks to the dialogue started between categories and, above all, the various truths to trasfrontaliere, will supply to the operators of the cooperation area the elements for a finalized study to satisfy the real ones must of the marine transport and the logistic chain. Once completed, platform CAMP will allow the optimization of the flows physicists of the goods, that is integration between the various modalities of transport, of the documentary flows connected to the transport, more precisely the exchange than documents and information tied to the merceologico flow, in correspondence of the nodes of the logistic chain.

The system that will be born from the project will be able to determine the best routes from the point of view of the cost and mean time of the travel and the generated environmental impact from the travel; it will offer to the possibility of reservation of the transport services (sender, addressee, shipper, hauler); more information on the prices practiced on roads and sea and negotiation of the price; reservation of the service; tracking and tracing of the position and the distance of the cargo units under shipment. By the documentary point of view, the exchange of information in the passage from a way of transport to another will be facilitated (ports, to interpose to you, terminal marine, terminal earthlings). All in net with the other already operating platforms in the Italian ports of call.

"From this day of encounters - the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea of Sardinia has explained, Massimo Deiana - an important is born project in order to facilitate the flow of the goods in Sardinia. We are successful to around put to a table the main actors of the Sardinian productive system, the system you transport and the marine cluster. A profitable occasion that has given way to us to know the real requirements of the logistic chain, from the production to the delivery, and to collect useful elements under consideration of a platform that, they are sure, will carry important advantages to the productive and trasportistico section isolates".

To the reunion today's they have participated, besides the AdSP of the Sea of Sardinia, Sardinia Region, University, Marine Authority, marine cluster, shipowners, haulers and producers (selected from an appropriate economic study) of the fields mining - lapideo and alimentary (fresh food). The encounter has been organized with the collaboration of the University of the Studies of Genoa - Centro Italiano di Eccellenza on the Integrated Logistics and of the University of Pisa - Polo Universitario Sistemi Logistici, the front man Liguria Region and all the other partner of project (Independent Region of the Sardinia, Office DES Transports de the Race, Province of Livorno and Toulon Provence Méditerranée).

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