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24 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 05:49 GMT+1

June 5, 2018

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The Mediterranean is more and more one of the main world-wide fulcrums of the marine commerce

SRM has introduced the fifth edition of the relationship "Italian Maritime Economy"

The Mediterranean is becoming more and more one of the main world-wide fulcrums of the carried out international commerce by sea. The confirmation SRM, the center studies connected to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, than in the fifth edition of its relationship "Italian Maritime Economy", I yield of the studies completed from the Observatory of SRM on the Economy of the Marine Transports and of the Logistics, it has evidenced that "Mediterranean the confirmation, indeed increases its role of pivot of the world-wide marine commercial traffics. The investments of China, the found again overhong of the Suez Canal, the very aggressive strategies of the portualità also thanks to the presence of Free structured Zones - the relationship emphasizes, that it is introduced today to Naples - are still concentrating more the attention on Mare Nostrum by the marine operators are entrepreneurial that infrastructural".

The relationship explains that in last the twenty years the traffic of the container in the Mediterranean has grown of +500% and the first 30 ports of the Mediterranean have exceeded 50 million teu (53 in total), while in 1995 the traffic was pairs to nine million teu. Moreover 19 Mediterranean ports have exceeded a volume of annual traffic pairs to a million teu. The role of the ports of call of the South Med and Nord Med regarding the Europe North has grown also in the market container: from the 2008 Europe North market share 40% has lost six points percentages () while the Mediterranean of it has earned five (market share 41%).

The relationship - illustrated in the course of the convention "China, energetic corridors, ports and broken new: geomappe of the Mediterranean that it changes" that one has held near the Room of the Assemblies of the Bank of Naples - it specifies that in the segment of the ships permane full hands container the phenomenon of naval gigantism. According to data elaborated from SRM thanks to innovative Geo-surveys of the positioning of the ships, by the 2012 presence in the Mediterranean of portacontainer of advanced ability to 13.000 teu it is increased of +37%, that of ships of the ability to 3.000-7.000 teu is diminished of -18,7%. The number of ships of beyond 3.000 teu that they journey in the Mediterranean and that they touch at least an Italian port is increased of +8% from the 2012 and that of the ships of beyond 13.000 teu of +56%.

"This year - it has specified the general manager of SRM, Massimo Deandreis, that it has illustrated the results of the relationship together to Alessandro Panaro, in charge of the Area of Search Maritime & Mediterranean Economy di SRM - we have ulteriorly enriched the relationship continuing with our innovative methodology of Geo-survey elaborating beyond million data naval positions in last the five years. The signs than an increased centrality of the Mediterranean in world-wide the Geo-economic context and the strengthening of the routes emerge still more clearly from Asia".

"There are, moreover, stopped - it has added Deandreis - on the traffic ro-ro that it is an Italian excellence that has had a pull-up of 40% in the adriatic arc and of 15% in the tirrenico arc". The specific document in fact that from the 2012 number of the ships ro-ro, destined to the transport vehicles, journeyed in the Mediterranean is increased of +7.4% and that by the 2012 number of the ships ro-ro journeyed in the tirrenico arc is increased of +15.4% and in the adriatic arc of +39.2%. "Of these phenomena - it has observed Deandreis - Italy all can strongly benefit, but it is necessary to urgently invest on the connections railroad-ports, the intermodalità and a more efficient harbour logistics".

The document finds that the Chinese investments moreover, in portualità and logistics, to be worth on the Belt & Road Initiative. they continue to characterize the Mediterranean area where, after the port of the Pireo for the East med and Istanbul for the Black Sea, the port of Valencia as hub for West Med is elected".

"The Mediterranean - it has observed president Banco of Naples, Maurizio Barracco - maintains its centrality in marine within being a sea where some of the more broken important journey world-wide. Suez has begun, after the increase, to go operatively showing great increments in the passages. Mare Nostrum is more and more dynamic and the investments of China are demonstrating it".

In this scene - the relationship specifies - "the Italian ports begin to show, in some merceologici fields, interesting performances a lot". If "the field container does not have still that positive shock in a position to representing a carried out one for our ports of call", "the bulk and the ro-ro march to good rhythms". In particular, the relationship evidences as the Italian ports are origin and destination of a huge amount of energetic traffic, which had to the presence of broken important oil and to new corridors where ships journey that transport the which liquified natural gas that it will represent one of the more important electric power supplies in perspective in marine within.

The today's convention is preceded yesterday by the international seminary of the "Global Shipping Think Tank Alliance", an alliance of which takes part 14 centers studies of Asia, the United States, Europe, which signed with the objective to elaborate studies and analysis kinsmen on the field of the logistics, the portualità and the shipping and to construct a Network of acquaintance for the exchange of scientific experiences and of producing of search in the section of the economy of the sea. In the course of the SRM work, that present in the alliance is the only Italian center studies, it has undersigned a protocol of understanding with the Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) in order to deepen connected specific traditions of search to the field of harbour infrastructures.

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