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22 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 23:17 GMT+1

June 6, 2018

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In Italy an association for the development is constituted of mobility electrical worker

Scope of MOTUS-E is to facilitate the transition of the field of the transports from the monopoly of the vehicles fed with fossil fuel towards sustainable means

In Italy an association for the development is constituted of mobility electrical worker, whose scope is to facilitate the transition of the Italian field of the transports from the monopoly of the vehicles fed with fossil fuel towards sustainable means, promuovendo mobility electrical worker and disclosing of the benefits connected to the environmental protection. The new association without scope MOTUS-E, that it reunites the industrial field, the academic world and of the associazionismo in order to accelerate the transition towards mobility to zero emissions, is founded by ALD Automotive Italy, Enel X, ABB, Volkswagen Group Italy, Allianz, Cobat - National Consortium Collection and Money laundering and Polytechnic of Milan.

The objective is to favor the change, "motus" exactly, through a strong synergy between operators of the field, academic world, industrial row, consumers and movements of opinion, in a context in which the technologies and the digital transformation in the their several forms they play a qualifying role for the entire section.

Intention of the association is to propose itself as authoritative interlocutor in confronts of the stakeholder institutional involved from the transition towards mobility to zero emissions through a dialogue platform that on the issues constitutes the synthesis of the common positions of the interest associates.

Moreover prefixed MOTUS-E to play an active role in the definition of technological and economic tables of job, in order to stimulate I confront between best practices and for the spread near the public opinion of the knowledge about the environmental and social benefits that derive from the development of the e-mobility.

Finding that the national context of transition towards the electric vector needs, moreover, of new formative instruments in order to assure he put up competences in the field, the promoters of the new association have emphasized that, to such fine, the presence inside MOTUS-E of university and authoritative research centers will favor the development of new professionalities, also through the organization of course and the support to dedicated searches.

"We have promoted the constitution of association MOTUS-E - Francesco Venturini has explained, in charge of Enel X and president of MOTUS-E - in order to reunite and to represent the world interested to the development and the success of mobility electrical worker. The objective is to create a common platform of dialogue between all the actors of the row: from the managers of infrastructures to the constructors, in order to favor also in Italy the transition towards mobility of the future, so as it is already happening in other Countries of the world".

"The opportunity that we have of forehead - has evidenced Giovanni Giulitti, general manager of ALD Automotive and vice-president of MOTUS-E - it is that to make clearly a step forward in order to improve the quality of the life of all. MOTUS-E, through the involvement of the various ones stakeholders, carries out a fundamental role in this process of spread of new formulas of sustainable mobility, more and more technologically evolven and that they determine various tangible advantages for the consumer and the atmosphere".

In occasion of the today's presentation of the new association it is specified that the current spread of the vehicles constituents in Italy is still contained, is in terms of offer on the market that of sales. In particular, second the UNRAE esteem, today the car models introduced electrical workers to battery on the market represent 0.16% of the offer, while the total circulating of the cars electrical workers is attested on the 11,500 units. At the same time, one hardly observes that the penetration on the national territory of points of recharges publics, 4,200 against beyond 22.000 of Germany, turns out absolutely insufficient, also with reference to the proportion between points of it recharges and inhabitants: every 14,000 in Italy against every 1,660 in the Netherlands.

Moreover it is found that, however, the increase of the autonomy of the cars electrical workers, reduced recicling times that the infrastructures are by now in a position to assuring, so as I use it of renewable energies to support of the sustainability of the system (in particular in Italy, between the more vituous Countries in Europe), are contributing to strengthen in the public opinion the knowledge of the benefits for the users and the collectivity and that in this scene the effort of the constructors of vehicles, that they already have in program, in the next biennium, a launch consisting of new models on the market, and of the managers is grafted of the national infrastructures, that they have announced projects of massive installation of public refills, between which the national Plan Italy di ENEL X with one cover of 7.000 points of it recharges public to 2020.

The new association considers that an important exists therefore space for mobility electrical worker in Italy, from the private transport to that public, from the field of the goods to that of the special vehicles and that for this it is lawful to set of the objectives ambitiouses in terms of progressive substitution of current circulating means with vehicles constituents to battery; so much more seen the impressive speed of technological development of the batteries and the design of the vehicles that are translate in a progressive trend of smaller costs, greater autonomy, minors consumption and reduction of recicling times.

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