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17 February 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 08:58 GMT+1

June 6, 2018

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Relationship of TT Club and McKinsey on the future of the containerized transport from here to 2043

The authors of the publication have interviewed beyond 30 leaders and experts of the field

In occasion of its fiftieth anniversary the insurance agency TT Club, that it is founded in 1968 and it is specialized in the field of the international transport goods, in collaboration with the society of McKinsey advising, has published "today Good new world? - Transport container in 2043", a qualitative relationship that reassume the thoughts and the opinions of the leaders of the field of the containerized transport on that the future reserve to the industry of the containers in next the 25 years.

Rather than to concentrate itself on the pure quantitative search and the analysis of the tendencies, the authors of the relationship have interviewed beyond 30 leaders and experts of the field with the objective to obtain a qualitative vision of the perceptions of the people who have greater experience in the field and that they are in the better position in order to preview the future of the section. As a result of these interviews TT Club and McKinsey have drawn five general conclusions on where the field is going and therefore have examined four potential future scenes and their implications. Two of these scenes are centralized on the digitalisation and two on the development of the commerce or the lack of development of the commercial exchanges.

Before the five Good general conclusions brought back in "new world" it is that it is improbable that the physical characteristics of the field change, because the container and the ships that transport them will be still in service in next the 25 years, because the activities of the harbour terminals still will be centralized on the drainage and cargo of the container on the ships, on the trucks and the trains and since the dimensions of the container they will remain that current in consideration of the enormous investments demanded in all logistic chain for being able to enliven containers lungi or more wider.

Second conclusion is that flows of traffic will become more balanced along routes marine as a result of progressive balance of consistency of economies of Asia oriental and of nations developed, with scene - that of "factory Asia" that produces for the consumers European Americans - that it will gradually become old, and of the resumption of the emerged economies of southern Asia and Africa.

The third consideration is that the automation wide will be introduced, in particular on the side earth is in the ports that in the terminals, the railway field and that of the road haulage, and this will determine an increment of the efficiency also in the presence of the current constraints mails from infrastructures, means and the equipments.

The fourth conclusion is that the digital technologies will determine an important change in the sources of value creation and the customers will expect a high level of reliability, transparency and facility of use, with the guarantee of deliveries within a term of established time and with the possibility to know anytime where their goods are found.

The last conclusion is that in the 2043 leader of the field of the containerized transport they will have an aspect a lot different from the current one. Some of they will consolidate, while others could change their model of business. Some will be sons of the digital era, as starts-up for example grown or great platforms of e-commerce that have decided to take care of the containerized transport in the within of their logistic chain.

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