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16 February 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 09:17 GMT+1

June 11, 2018

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Signed the agreement that assigns to the Bettolo Consortium the management for 33 years of the new container terminal of Bettolo Descent to Genoa

Delay to 2045 of the concession to terminal SECH. Baptism in the capital of Liguria of cruise ship "MSC Seaview"

The commissariamento of the commissioner of the port of Genoa

Gentlemen comprimario of Toti

There will be pure - as always - winners and losers to conclusion of the negotiations that have carried to the signature of the relative contract of concession to the new container terminal of Bettolo Descent, to Genoa. As often it happens to the term of a laborious negotiation many of the protagonists of the event remove to a higher court to himself the merit of being successful to reach the goal: that to find an agreement between the institutions and the company that will have to manage the new docks. Between these it does not seem to be to us the managing director of Group Harbour Investments, Giulio Schenone, to judge at least from the contortion which dried that law on its face in the photos which took in occasion of the signature of the contract, which opposed to the satisfied expressions of the representatives of the public administrations that have insistito so that it was reached the subscription of the understanding, having threatened to put again otherwise all at stake.

Also Paolo Emilio Signorini smiles in placed of ritual. But between the supposed winners, what he has less to exult just seems to be the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western: not certainly for as the history of the allocation of the management of the new terminal has been concluded, of which Gentlemen the single final phase has lived being is place to the guide of the harbour agency in the last days of 2016, but for as it has reached itself this goal. In these months, to beyond its effective role in the negotiations, Gentlemen have appeared to be the passive spectator of initiatives assumed for he from the president of the Region. It has seemed that, willy-nilly, it has had to adapt itself to situations that it had not generated. To many it has appeared that to the guide of the port there was Toti, not Gentlemen.

Our readers know that inforMARE he now considers that the reform of the put into effect harbour legislation in the summer of 2016 has determined the permanent commissariamento of the Italian Harbour Authorities, Authority of Harbour System.

The aplomb with which the local institutions to Genoa they have taken control the attributed tasks the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western evidences as it is easy to subject to commissariale management the same president of the harbour agency, removing functions to it to he own. This any are the abilities and the competences of the president of the AdSP, as demonstrated if of Gentlemen, certainly in possession of the qualifications and the personality useful not to make themselves to remove spaces of its pertinence.

This demonstrates once again - to our warning - how much is deprived of force the assignment assigned to the presidents of the Authorities of Harbour System from the reform. Chosen directly from the minister of Infrastructures and Transports and named presidents of understanding with the president of the Region that easy these give can be climbed over. He demonstrates how much for it is easy to take control the prerogatives of the president of a AdSP. He demonstrates in short how much is easy to commissariare the commissioner of a port.

Bruno Bellio
Saturday to Genoa, in the center of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western to Saint George Palace, has been undersigned the contract of concession of the duration 33-year-old with which the new container terminal been born in the harbour port of call of the capital of Liguria with the carried out fillings to Bettolo Descent is assigned in management to the Bettolo Consortium. This last one is participated to 35% from the Srl, society integrally controlled from the genoese Group Harbour Investments (JEEP) that in its turn it is controlled by deep the Infravia and Infracapital, and to 65% from the Luxemburger Itaterminaux Sàrl (Terminal Investment Ltd. - TIL) that the shipowning group Helvetic Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC is under responsibility of), than saturday in the port of Genoa has celebrated also baptism of new ship MSC Seaview of its crocieristica company MSC Cruises.

According to the forecasts, the new terminal will become operating in 2022 and will have an ability to initial traffic annual pairs to 720 thousand teu. Specifying that the terminal will be equipped with crane in a position to serving portacontainer with ability beyond 20 thousand teu, the partner of the Bettolo Consortium has specified that the terminal will serve is the MSC ships that the customers of Srl, company this last one that through the society integrally controlled Terminal Containers Port of Genoa manages the container terminal Southern European Container Hub (SECH), that he is adjacent to the new terminal of Bettolo Descent.

And to proposed of terminal SECH, than this year it celebrates the 25 years of activity, saturday has been undersigned also the agreement that establishes the delay until 2045 of the concession through which it manages the terminal.

"After beyond fifteen years - the president of the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea has asserted Western, Paolo Emilio Signorini, in occasion of the signature of the agreements - I believe that the subscription of the concession with Bettolo Consortium is a waited for news for all the port of Genoa. The new terminal, to whose lay out we have hardly worked in the past few months, previews operatively until 800.000 teu. In the next few years we will set the objective to reach 500.000-600.000 teu. It will be a terminal in a position to accommodating larger container vessels also in connection with the work on the new dam. It will be a terminal managed from associates with a great competence. As it is famous, they are the two associates of the Bettolo Consortium, according to greater shipowner to the world and deep Americans, French and English in a position to supplying all the technological competences and the necessary know-how-how for the harmonization of the terminal. Moreover we have investments previewed for road and railway accessibility in a position to not making to impattare the escape of the goods from the terminals with the city practicability. In next the two years we will work hardly in order to start the operativity quickly".

That the agreement that assigns the management of the new terminal to the Bettolo Consortium came undersigned saturday, in concomitanza with baptism of the MSC Seaview, has been strongly intentional from the president of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, than on the social medium it has evidenced the historical character of the signature "for the thirty-year concession of the terminal containers of Bettolo Descent to the Bettolo consortium. This - it has specified - is one of the terminals on which the port of Genoa will be developed in the next decades and, after wait years, finally has reached this important objective".

Last September Toti, accompanied from the regional city council member Edoardo Rixi, by the mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci, the president of the AdSP of the Ligurian Sea Western, Paolo Emilio Signorini, by the entrepreneur of the oil field Alessandro Garrone and by the terminalista and logistic entrepreneur Aldo Spinelli, was flown to Geneva in order to meet the founder of the group MSC, Gianluigi Aponte. Visit that Aponte had exchanged again last March meeting to Genoa the same representatives of the institutions in the center of the Liguria Region, when the beginning of the activity of the new terminal already in 2019 was ventilated.

The extremely active role of Toti carried out in the event concluded with the signature of the concession with the Bettolo Consortium has reached its apex in recent days when the president of the Liguria Region and the mayor of Genoa in a letter sent to the associates of the Bettolo Consortium has sped up to find them an agreement and to sign the concession contract as soon as possible, otherwise - they have threateningly written specifying to consider the stall situation unacceptable - would have demanded to the Authority of Harbour System to reconsider the reached agreements and the concessions about to definition.

Missive that evidently has obtained the intentional effect: that to sign the contract saturday, when baptism of the cruise ship to Genoa had been programmed. A double event of great importance for shipowning group MSC, guided today from the son of the founder who has expressed its satisfaction for the agreement for Bettolo Descent that - it has evidenced the president and managing director of the group MSC, Diego Aponte - “represents a moment of great importance for from Liguria harbour system, reached thanks to the precious collaboration of the local institutions, that they have demonstrated to know to make system for the benefit of the regional economic woven one. We are pleased - it has declared - that the agreement is signed, we do not see the hour of being able to count on a totally operating terminal”.

More concise the comment of the managing director of the Group Harbour Investments: “the development of Bettolo - Giulio Schenone has said - will guarantee approaches it of the great container vessels in from Liguria port of call, and will be complementary to our presence in adjacent terminal SECH”.

With regard to the delay of the concession to terminal SECH, the president of the AdSP it has evidenced that “SECH is a fundamental terminalista for the worked port of Genoa with beyond 335.000 teu in the last year, a very meaningful plan of investments for beyond 120 million euros for the next years and fallen back positive for the occupation already in this first phase with new assumptions. I believe that, with to other provisions that we are adopting for our harbour system - has added Gentlemen - this goal is the confirmation that the port is in health and that valid and new operators (we remember that SECH has had an important transition from the family that has created it to an order owner with new bottoms) chooses our ports in the sign of a dynamism that ago very to hope for the future”.

In occasion of baptism of new cruise ship MSC Seaview, executive president of MSC Crociere, Pierfrancesco Vago, it has specified that in Liguria some 2.500 people and 25% of all work for the group the Italian dependent of the company. “It is to Genoa - it has remembered Vague - where we have decided to construct Towers MSC. Where the Ships have center the Agency. Large Navi Veloci - GNV, our division Food & Beverage and, naturally, MSC Cruises. Genoa - it has emphasized - is our “home port”. The port in which MSC Cruises it enlivens more passengers to the world, where 90% of the traffic cruises are MSC. These our activities, our investments, activate - in this city, all the Liguria - ulterior 3.500 places of job in the induced one. Here we invest every year about 600 million euros, generating fallen back economic total pairs to a billion and means of euro”.

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