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June 11, 2018

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In 2017 80% of the destined ships to the demolition are dismantled on the spiagge of southern Asia

Between these 181 ships of European shipowners of Member States of the European Union and the area of the EFTA

In the 2017 835 ships of the world-wide fleet are demolished, of which 543 they are sold in order to be dismantled on the spiagge of southern Asia. NGO Shipbreaking Platform announces, platform that reunites organizations not governmental assets in the field of the safeguard of the human rights, of the job and of the atmosphere, in occasion of the publication of own annual report on the activities of naval demolition world-wise, in which he specifies that in terms of tons of tonnage demolished in the course of the 2017 total has been of 20,7 million tons, of which 16,6 million tons of tonnage demolished in the within of the practical one of the spiaggiamento of the ships.

Of the 543 ships demolished last year in the yards of southern Asia, 239 ships for 5,98 million tsl are dismantled in India, 197 ships for 6,57 million tsl are dismantled in Bangladesh and 107 for 4,07 million tsl in Pakistan. The specific relationship that, taking in consideration the dimension of the ships demolished in this area, Pakistan has received the larger ships continuation from Bangladesh, while in the Indian yards ships are demolished average-sized. The specific relationship moreover that in the 2017 Pakistani government it has introduced a prohibition of import of tankers as a result of the sequence of disastrous explosions that have happened in the course of the dismantling of these units between the end of the 2016 and beginning of 2017, explosions that they have caused the dead women of about 30 workers, and consequently an increase of the flow of sent tankers has happened to the demolition in India.

In the NGO Shipbreaking relationship accusation Germany and Greece of being also in 2017, so as in the year precedence, the greater inquinatori having sent their destined ships to the demolition to yards that they dismantle to them on the spiagge. In particular, the document evidences that last year shipping and owners of German ships have sold 53 destined ships to the demolition, of which 50 they are dismantled on the spiagge, while shipping and Greek owners of ships have totaled the greater number of ships – 51 units - sold for being demolished on the spiagge from the ship yards of southern Asia while only six Greek ships are demolished in other yards with more respectful modalities of the health and safety of the workers and the atmosphere.

Last year, moreover, the European shipowners of Member States of the European Union and the area of the EFTA, have totaled beyond a third party of the number of the sold ships for the demolition, that is 260 units, of which 181 (70% in terms of number of ships and 40% about in terms of tonnage total) they have reached on the spiagge of India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. The relationship denunciation that of the 181 spiaggiate European ships, only 18 were still navigating under an European flag during the their last travel, while 24 ships that previously they had operated under an European flag had changed to flag with a flag not EU convenient only little weeks before being spiaggiate and demolished.

The precise relationship that in the 2017 flags more used for the ships in the their last travel was Panama hat, Comnore, St Kitts and Nevis, Palau, Liberia and Togo, with the flags of Palau, St Kitts and Nevis and Comore that are used almost exclusively by purchasers of destined ships to the demolition. Between these, in the 2017 flag of the Comoro it has reached the first place as flag of ships spiaggiate with Panama hat, flag that but more is diffused much in the world-wide fleet.

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