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June 26, 2018

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Renewed the directive council of Federagenti

Vice-president is Giancarlo Acciaro, Giorgia Bucchioni, Alessandro Santi and Vito Totorizzo

Federagenti, the federation of the Italian shipping agents, has renewed own directive council, also through the co-option of three new members, Giorgia Bucchioni, Aldo Negri (Genoa) and Vincenzo Prencipe (Agents of the Apulia), and with the income of two new vice-president: Giancarlo Acciaro, president of the Association of the Shipping agents of Sardinia that replaces Gaspare Panfalone, and Giorgia Bucchioni who subentra to Andrea Fontana. Confirmed the others two vice-president Alessandro Santi (Venice) and Vito Totorizzo (Apulia).

The President's executive office of the Federation, guided by Gian Enzo Duci, turns out therefore compound, as well as from president Duci, by Michele Pappalardo (past president), Filippo Gallo (past president), Umberto Masucci (past president), from the four vices president Alessandro Santi, Vito Totorizzo, Giancarlo Acciaro and Giorgia Bucchioni and therefore by Giovanni Gasparini, president Sezione Yacht. They will be invited permanent the presidency committee, the presidents pro tempore of the Bilateral Agency and the Health insurance scheme, when expression of Federagenti.

The council of Federagenti has supplied to the nominations of presidency of the Technical Commission, that they turn out articulated so: Education and Training, Eugenio De Paolis; EGO, Gian Enzo Duci with delegation to Pietro Busan; Fonasba/Ecasba, Alberto Banchero; Computer science, Norberto Bezzi; Manning, Enrico Bonistalli; Marine brokers, Stefano Sorrentini; Trade-union and Fiscal, Filippo Gallo; Ports and Navigation, Michele Pappalardo; Containers and logistics, Filippo Gallo; Ferries and Cruises, Andrea Morandi; Yacht, Giovanni Gasperini; Tramp, Roberto De Marchi.

Of the college of the revisers of the accounts effectives Vincenzo Brandi (Sardinia take part as members); Saverio De Girolamo (Apulia) and Luigi Morana (Sicily). The substitutes are Francesco Ricci (Genoa) and Teodoro Titi (Apulia).

The college of the probiviri turns out composed for the effectives by Norberto Bezzi (Emilia Romagna), Pietro Busan (Friuli Venice Julia) and by Roberto Rimassa (Genoa), while the substitutes are Alessandro Archibugi (Marche and Abruzzi) and Ugo Speciale (Sicily).

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