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June 26, 2018

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Mattioli: a hardening of the composition of the crews in terms of nationality would weight down the gap competitive between the Italian fleet and the other communitarian flags

The president of the Confitarma recommends initiatives "that they could channel in the next maneuver financial institution to the aim to ask for such a esiziale danger"

The Shipping president of the Italian Confederation (Confitarma), Mario Mattioli, evidently does not love to face the chest problem, neither to call it with own name. The problem in question, with which currently the Italian armament must be confronted, is that of the effectiveness in recent days of decrees legislative n. 221 on October 29, 2016 in matter of fiscal, social insurance and contributive incentives in favour of the marine enterprises, than relatively to the ferry boats ro-ro and ro-pax employees on Italian routes of cabotage limits the fiscal benefits of the international Registry to the naval units that embark exclusively personal communitarian Italian or.

Today, in occasion of the private session of the assembly of the Confitarma, Mattioli has asserted that "the today's encounter wants also to be an occasion in order to restate some worries that gush from numerous and disarranged media initiatives - that I would dare to define also a little malicious - than, instrumentally taking cue from worries of occupational nature, risks to compromise the bases of the development of our fleet".

Beyond to being a criptico touch on the source of these "worries of occupational nature", Mattioli appears equally indirect on the origin of the "worries that gush from numerous and which disarranged media initiatives". Also in this case, but, the hypothesis does not seem at all far from the truth that the president of the Confitarma refers to the exultation for the effectiveness of the Cociancich amendment expressed from the Vincenzo Onorato shipowner, than has made champion of the protection of the places of work of the marine Italians and that, after to have celebrated the vigenza of the norm, in the days following she has denounced that "on numerous ships clappers Italian flag, and beneficiaries of the advantages of the marine international Registry, continue to be boarded and to work marine extra-communitarian" and have asked with urgency an participation for the competent Ministry and forthe Harbour offices.

More than sparkes, those between Honored and the Confederation lapilli they are erupted by a much active volcano by now for a long time, also from before the shipowner it decided two years and means it lets out blinking the door from Confitarma and then to join with its companies Moby, Tirrenia and Toremar to the new shipowning association Italian born AssArmatori at the beginning of this year. In these long months the crash, centralized on the nationality of the crews, has opposed Onorato and Emanuele Grimaldi mainly, past president of Confitarma and to the guide of the shipowning group Grimaldi that is between the international leaders in the transport ro-ro and ro-pax.

The current president of the Confitarma does not seem to want to take of tip the issue, even if its words - as others precedence - they confirm the persistence of the position of the Confederation regarding the norms that regard the fiscality and the crews: "as president of Confitarma - Mattioli has asserted - is on the lookout for not consents but in order to recognize and to celebrate the success of all we and of all you. For this I have the duty to say that a hardening of the composition of the crews in terms of nationality, also with relates consequent benefits above all for the average and lowland forces, in reality would weight down the gap competitive already existing between ours and the other communitarian flags, pushing our ship abroad. Therefore - it has specified Mattioli - we recommend ourselves with the high representatives of the administration to monitor the future initiatives that could channel in the next maneuver financial institution to the aim to ask for such a esiziale danger".

Danger for a national fleet of which today Mattioli it has evidenced the importance: "today - it has observed - the fleet of Italian flag is between main to the world with 16,3 million tons of tonnage and the positions of leadership or absolute relief in the fields more which adulterated which chemicals units ro-ro, cruise ships, ships for. Thanks to beyond 30 billion euros invested in last the 10 years from the Italian shipowners, the fleet has grown in amount and improved in quality and the young and modern world-wide panorama it is one of".

Mattioli has intentional to evidence the role for throws again of the carried out Italian mercantile fleet from the international Registry that is instituted with the law n.30 of 1998 of which in 2018 the twentieth anniversary falls, recurrence that the Confederation today has honored with an entitled encounter "the International Registry: 20 years of the extraordinary present time". "To celebrate an anniversary - the president of the Confitarma has said - it wants to say that we must treasure what we have learned, to reflect on above all anticipates and to prepare itself for the future. Thanks to that law, institutive of the international Registry, today the mercantile fleet is competitive, young and composed of echo-compatible ships of new technology and can count on a marine cluster of great importance for the economy and the occupation of our Country".

Between the taken part ones, Stefano Zunarelli, full professor Dipartimento of Legal Sciences, has stopped itself on the lines guides European that give the 1997 have been to the base of throw again of the fleets of the Countries members of the EU and to which also the Italy have been inspired, respecting of in full load the opinions and has found that it never does not have to lose sight of the objective underlying that has given origin to law 30 of 1998, that is to guarantee to the Italian ships of being able to compete with ships enrolled in other registries otherwise risks itself to lose the same reason for which the international Registry he is instituted.


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