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16 February 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 20:17 GMT+1

June 27, 2018

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The Trump-thought of Vincenzo Onorato: Jones Act in tricolour sauce

"We believe that also for Italy - asserts the Italian shipowner - the moment has come to follow this example"

One of the most long-lived protezionistiche measures adopted in the United States is in vigor from almost one hundred years. Draft of Jones Act, the law that goes back to 1920 and that it imposes that on the routes of cabotage in the USA ships of American flag come employees exclusively, of American property, with on board marine Americans and constructed in ship yards Americans. A law that during the last few years is gone up for some sporadic time to overturns of the political argument in the USA, with the demanded repeated one of its abrogation. Sollicitation that but always is left to fall in the empty one. A disinterestedness that many observatories attribute to the power of lobbies that they press so that the marine traffics intra-Americans are not opened to the foreign competition. A thesis that however does not seem to fully motivate effective indifference regarding the current effectiveness or inefficiency of the law, generally disowned also to those who they attend the classrooms of the Conference. Value of the norm - we observe inforMARE - that is all to demonstrate in the context of an American economy that for own commercial exchanges with foreign country makes use almost exclusively of international marine carriers that use ships of foreign flag and in the context of shipbuilding a naval American who, military constructions besides, appears marginal regarding the industries of the nations world leaders of the field.

There is also who, most likely with attempts denigrators, has asserted that same American president Donald Trump, that of politics of the "America First", Jones Act ignored little famous and that he has come some to acquaintance when is only placed the problem of the restrictions to the employment of foreign ships in order to carry aids and goods to Porto Rico, hit from the Mary hurricane.

To ask the possible introduction in Italy for an analogous law Jones Act Vincenzo Onorato, a shipping supporter of the "Italians First" is time, slogan with which in the Beautiful Country - well-known inhabited from citizens less nationalists of the Americans - politics are thrown again "Before the dictated America" from Trump. According to Honored, that he has promoted its campaign "We save the Future" with the declared scope to safeguard the Italian marine job, Jones Act would today represent all the "carrying axis of the industry and the marine transports Americans. A law that - it has emphasized - could and have be mutuata in Italy".

For the patron of the Honored group Shipping, than work services ferry with the companies of navigation Moby, Tirrenia and Toremar - Jones Act, several times, in a century of history, recognized as a typically protezionistica law, "never seriously is not indicated as a norm to repeal; indeed the contrary has happened, also because the entire economy of the sea is survivor in the United States own thanks to Jones Act of 1920. And because - it is the Honored opinion of - to this order the United States have legacy summary of values considered from the overwhelming majority of the absolutely priority citizens: values that go from those social ones of safeguard of the priority rights of the workers and the American families, until those of safety and prevention and protection also from the risks of terrorism (or clandestine immigration) through the coasts of the United States".

"It is true - it has admitted Honored - this firmness on the americanità of the marine transports it has generated and it generates a price that is paid by the economy and therefore from the loaders, the enterprises and the collectivity all, than it has been made some loaded for a century and it continues to make oneself some loaded to the standard with the defense of a advanced collective interest. It could be asserted that to the case integrated and the young people without job a protezionista choice has been favorite? It is true. But - it has emphasized Honored - this choice has paid, indeed".

"From we instead, if the excellence of Fincantieri, due in particular to the genius and the will of a man is excluded, the managing director, Giuseppe Bono whom he has known to at best interpret the expertise and the culture of the shipbuilding Italian - has continued Honored - for the remainder he risks to being only a desert".

"We believe that also for Italy - has concluded Vincenzo Onorato - the moment has come to follow this example, placing fine to abuses that they are translate in I confront impietoso: 60.000 marine Italians without job; 70.000 marine Americans engaged on the ships that operate in the cabotage between ports Americans. We will beat with the new government proposing with force a solution that imposes alone ships constructed in communitarian yards and which fitted out with communitarian crews demonstrating, numbers friendly, as the choices of presumed liberalization without norms or with systematic violation of the norms (violation confirmed also in these days post approval of Legge Cociancich), they have been and they are first of all an economic and social madness".

No creed can doubt that Matteo Salvini, prime Minister (oops)… minister of the Inside of the Italian Republic, will receive to open arms the bill in parliament in order to adopt the Onorato's Act.

Bruno Bellio

ABB Marine Solutions

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