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June 29, 2018

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The Union Pilots restates that the release of the pilotage licence would have to remain the only indispensable element for the exercise of the profession

Bellomo: the introduction of new a specific certificate IMO means given the starting signal to a privatistica drift

The Union Pilots (UP) rebukes the introduction of norms that tie the validity of the licence of pilot to the frequentation of training courses. Referring to the rough draft of the new "Regulations for the pilotage service", and in particular to article 11, the association finds that the text, listing the tasks of the head pilot, previews also that to assess that the pilots effectives participate to the necessary training courses to the maintenance of the licence from pilot and denunciation that with such foundations "the licence would only serve in order to approach not more to a Corporation and to the exercise of the profession".

Specifying that in fact the new regulations confirmation the distance that the Ministry of Transportation, in tune with Fedepiloti, has intended to undertake also during argument near the MIT and the General Command of the Harbour offices, of the rough draft of I decree interdirigenziale on the "Lines guides for the formation and the certification of the pilots of the ports", president of the Union Piloti, Vincenzo Bellomo, has complained that "the approval of the new regulations represents the first action of a process that seems desire to undermine the professionality of the pilot and that I am worried will give to greater vigor to Fedepiloti in supporting the necessity of recepire in our ordering recommendations of famous Resolution IMO A.960 (23). But we - he has specified Bellomo - on this will hold the straight bar".

Emphasizing that up to now the administrations have seemed oriented to recepire the contained recommendations in Resolution IMO A.960 (23), Bellomo it has remembered that on this the Union Pilots has undertaken a battle, convinced as is that the Italian legislative ordering does not need of jolts and perturbations as the norms of the Regulations and Navigation code relative, even if dated, turn out very more tightening of the contained recommendations in the Maritime Resolution of the International Organizazion (IMO). "Without to forget - it has added Bellomo - that scope of resolution IMO is to satisfy, in international within, to eventual legislative deficiencies of the States, but this is not sure the case of the Italy, whose Code and relative Regulations, discipline in way detailed iter for the formation and the release of the definitive licence of the port pilot".

The Union Pilots has restated therefore own position, second which the "release of the pilotage licence - that it must continue to happening by means of selection from public competition, training of a year with affiancamento to older and expert pilots, and finals - the only indispensable element for the exercise of the profession remains that, among other things, gives also to the Marine Authority the certainty to have formed an able professional to distribute a efficient and unquestionably guarantor service of safety".

"The introduction of new a specific certificate IMO that in fact replaces the licence of pilot whom released from the Marine Authority - has concluded Bellomo - it means given the starting signal to a privatistica drift of the service of pilotage that instead must continue to conserve its pubblicistica oneness and of service of general interest. In synthesis, for us it is up only to the State through the release of the "Licence", that it happens after the longest one covered of study and practical formation, to characterize and to define the figure of the pilot".

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