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24 March 2019 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:36 GMT+1

July 2, 2018

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Honored it asks that they are applied to shipping the endorsements proposed by Di Maio for who delocalizza

The prompt shipowner a sanzionatorio mechanism and constraints that condition the fiscal facilities to the parameters in topic of I use of marine communitarian Italians and

Last Tuesday, in occasion of the assembly of the Confitarma(on 26 June 2018), the Shipping president of the Italian Confederation, Mario Mattioli, had not called it in cause explicitly, but speaking about worries provoked "from numerous and which disarranged media initiatives" that, instrumentally taking cue from worries of occupational nature, risk to compromise the bases of the development of our fleet", had inequivocabilmente left to intend that promoter of the media initiatives is Vincenzo Onorato, patron of the Honored group Shipping that work through the companies of navigation Moby, Tirrenia and toremar.

The point of competing for is the most recent one taken effect of the norm (so-called Legge Cociancich) that it establishes that the ships ro-ro and ro-pax which joined the international Registry that services of cabotage in Italy operate they can approach contributive fiscal benefits and relief exclusively if their crews are composed of marine communitarian Italians or. Mattioli had specified that "a hardening of the composition of the crews in terms of nationality, also with relates consequent benefits above all for the average and lowland forces, in reality would weight down the gap competitive already existing between ours and the other communitarian flags, pushing our ship abroad".

Expectable, indeed discounted, the retort of Vincenzo Onorato whom, referring to the renewed Shipping coat of arms of the Italian Confederation in which to the center the tricolour one of the Italian flag is placed, it has beaten again that "he is not sufficient to change the logo of the Confitarma in order car-to characterize defending of the italianità and the Italians; indeed, this presumption of italianità - it has asserted Honored - becomes grotesque in the Confederation of the Italian shipowners, than protection and supplies cover to the shipowners that in the composition of the crews of the ships that fly our Italian flag, continue in the overwhelming majority to privilege the boarding of which underpaid non-EU citizens, while our compatriots remain at home vacated to make the hunger".

According to Honored, "the hypocrisy of Confitarma is in which revealed paradoxical way own from the declarations of president Mattioli, that it repeats to every occasion spell written from its shareholder of reference, Manuel Grimaldi (past president of Confitarma, ndr). That is own from who, in total spregio and violation of I decree Cociancich and therefore of a law of the State that, I restate, he is in all respects enforced, it acts as if this law did not exist by now hanging in illegally in uses it of non-EU marine staff".

"And - it has continued the president of the Honored group Shipping - who it would have to supervise on this violation of law, the organs of the State, or they are able to not to make it or they abstain from making it, allowing with the shipowners to continue to benefit, in completely illegal way, of those almost total exoneration from the payment of the taxes that would have had to who it respects the laws and it embarks only personal communitarian Italian or".

"Three days orsono - he has added Honored - the vice-prime Minister and minister of the Job and the economic development Luigi Di Maio has asserted: if you take the money of the State and delocalizzi, you must give again them with the interests, if they do not give here you do not move. Taking of position, that of the vice-prime Minister, than ago clarity in definitive way: whoever delocalizza activity and has benefitted of facilities, if she violates the pacts and she transfers its activity before the ten years from the date of conclusion of the facility, she risks endorsements from the two to four times received benefit".

"Enough cheats - it has denounced Honored - enough "marchette" paid to presumed entrepreneurs that of Italy they appreciate only the ability to make oneself to take advantage of. And this principle must be worth also for the Italian shipowners, placing in being a sanzionatorio mechanism and constraints that condition the fiscal facilities to the parameters in topic of I use of marine communitarian Italians and that they were to the base of the tonnage tax and of the international registry. In simple words: you have benefitted of the tax exemptions and social insurance, not respecting the norms and adding to the law benefits also the advantages deriving from the exploitation of which underpaid non-EU labor? Now it pays: that it means that not only you give back to taxes and contributions by which you were exempted, but that, by virtue of the endorsements, these sums can and must also be double or quadruple regarding the amount of the benefits of which is taken advantage in fraudulent way".

The analogy with the offshorings that the vice prime Minister Di Maio wants to hit and to endorse - has still supported Vincenzo Onorato - there is all: the shipowners have stable center in Italy and ships in turn for the world, but these same shipowners "forget" that the ship, everywhere it finds itself, is a piece of Italian territory. "For the ship therefore - it has emphasized Honored - the offshoring is not a geographic but social and occupational fact: it that is regards the structure of the composition of the crew".

Specifying that law 30 of 1998, been born own in order to guarantee the survival of an Italian mercantile fleet and for protecting the occupation of the marine Italians, has guaranteed to the shipping only privileges in national the industrial panorama, with almost the total tax exemption, relief contributive for the crews etc, Honored it has asserted that however "too many shipowners cunningly have eluded the law, and continue to make embarking it substantially which underpaid non-EU crews".

"I am trusting - it has concluded Vincenzo Onorato - than this government, through this new one and just I decree, it constructs to a bank against that which is a cynical operation of social killeraggio and you anticipate the account to these Italian shipowners that of Italian have only the name and that from by now far away the 1998 they pursue impunemente only their interests. The State could recover billions of euro, our marine ones vacated a place of work that is up they for law. For both, It are and marine, one would be to recover the dignity to which they have right".

To conclusion of this philippic, than our daily paper it has intentional to bring back for entire, we inforMARE we are more perplexed than before about the Honored vocation of: is the shipowner of Moby and Tirrenia an entrepreneur or a tribuno? Not that these attitudes must by force of circumstances be disconnected. Honored it has wide demonstrated to possess the abilities in order to constitute a important shipowning group and has many times over shown also the proclivity to assert own reasons with not inferior dowries of heated lecturer. However, if its objective is to safeguard more that it legitimizes interests of its companies and employee its, as right an entrepreneur is called to make, us seems that the remainders that not to enter the only percorribile road in a Rule of law: that to give course to a judicial action. Otherwise it can continue to scold, provoking but equally it legitimizes doubts and fears of who it makes our job: that to make from resonance box for other ambitions of the impetuous shipowner.


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