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July 2, 2018

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Next arrest warrant of the services of road haulage in the port of Genoa

Five days of stop to the terminal VTE, of which three in all the container terminal of the port of call

The five days to horse of the half of July will be critical for the activity in the port of Genoa because of the arrest warrant of the road haulage that work with the harbour port of call. Trasportounito has confirmed that by the 12 on 17 July next ones the arrest warrant of the camionistici services to terminal VTE of Genoa-Voltri Prà will be put into effect in order to protest for the times of waited for the trucks, attended - it has specified the labor organization - "that they have exceeded every limit of guard and tolerance and that translate itself in a loss dries for the road haulage enterprises, than with average "arrest warrants" not produces turned out but solo costs, and that by now from years the burdens for ill services that are not theirs, but those of a terminal are loaded the best container evidently to manage the front sea, but incapable to govern the flows in-out on the front earth".

Trasportounito has denounced that "because of the serious operating blocks created from terminal VTE the road haulage enterprises have burnt in a year about 10 million euros, against profits that terminal VTE quite labors to pull down. And the operating waits of the trucks fall back therefore in form of ill services also on the other operators, shippers and marine companies and therefore on the goods".

"A year of negotiations to the table of the Authority of System - Trasportounito has still denounced - has produced an absolute nothing with a terminal VTE that it has not invested nothing for velocizzare the job processes and with interminable arguments as well as how much lacking in results with the other operators on eventual corrective actions of system".

The arrest warrant of the services of transport from the 12 on 17 July limitedly to terminal VTE of the port of Genoa is proclaimed by Trasportounito and the associations of the road haulage of Genoa CNA Fita, Confartigianato Transports and Makes Conftrasporto. To this strike of 72 hours from on 12 June on 14 July proclaimed with motivation analogous is overlapped in all the container terminal of the genoese harbour port of call from the territorial secretariats of Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti.

"In the combined note with the other organizations of category - Giuseppe Tagnochetti has remembered regional secretary Liguria di Trasportounito - we have emphasized the risks of uncontrolled tension and uncontrollable that could happen to it crosses harbour. Certainly it is that the daily violation of the understanding protocol undersigned from road haulage with president Toti, the mayor, Confindustria and all the harbour operators, also against an availability of the enterprises of road haulage to be confronted on what it will have to be the new harbour operating model, necessary in order to face the congestionamento produced from mega the ships (opening h24, more functional intermodalità, development than computerized of service) contrasts in obvious way with a constantly gotten worse situation; and this has eroded any residual relationship of confidence. The time - Tagnochetti has asserted - now is past due, the situation is unacceptable and risks to become uncontrollable. The times of attended to the terminal already assume the characteristics of a real "final blow" for a road haulage containers in a dramatic situation, also for via of the increase of the costs of the diesel oil and the inability obtaining from shippers and marine companies adequate rates of service. And for the road haulage an acceptable answer exists only: VTE must take part fastly and resolve the waits (waits regarding which it is under consideration a class action). In parallel the other operators must begin to pay adequately the road haulage services, being stopped it to make tariff dumping goods in foreign market. Meantime the Harbour Authority must immediately begin to trace and to certify the waits in the documentary and operating cycle of the trucks in port and to engage the responsible operators, characterized from the same Authority, to indemnify the road haulage, old automatically a physiological minimal threshold of firm car".

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