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July 27, 2018

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The arrest warrant of the road haulage is deferred to the last week of september

Minister Toninelli has asked time for having replies from the MEF and in order to start the permanent table of I confront

The arrest warrant of the services of programmed road haulage from 6 on 9 August next one is deferred to the last week of september. The outcome is this of confronts happened yesterday between the summits of the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports, included the minister Danilo Toninelli to which successively the undersecretary Edoardo Rixi is subentrato, and Unatras, the National Union Associations Transport Goods, unitary organism of coordination between trade associations of the road haulage of goods on behalf of third party to which they join Assotir, Cna-Fita, Confartigianato Transports, You make, Fiap, Sna Casartigiani and Unitai.

In the course of the encounter the representatives of the unitary organism of coordination of the road haulage have remembered that the tightening expectations more are tied to the issue of a better definition of the amounts of the forfetarie deductions for which the demand is that of the reaffirmation of the 51 recognized euros last year (the official notice of the MEF on July 16, 2018 previews 38 euros). As many main and urgent criticality - they have specified the representatives of the field of the road haulage - regard the certainty of the structural resources (48 million euros in less in 2019 and 2020; beginning from on January 1°, 2019 cut of 15% on the destined bottom to the recovery of the octrois: 254.655.000 euros in less), the contingentamento of the circulation of the heavy vehicles tax from Austria, the restoration of the full functionality of the system of the reviews of heavy means near the Motorizations, the ripubblicazione of the "costs minimums of safety" and the respect of the times of payment, the extension of the dismissal of the invoicing electronic also to the fuel purchases carried out extra net.

Unatras has announced that on the topic of the forfetarie deductions minister Toninelli has informed that is conversing with the Ministry of the Economy and Finances in order to try to obtain an increment of the 38 euros made official from the same MEF with the official notice n. 112 on 16 July and have esplicitato of being perfectly aware that to maintain the currently indicated amount from the MEF it would not only mean to disregard the expectations of the enterprises, but also and above all to determine an increase of the taxes that it wants absolutely to ask for or however to reduce lessened. Moreover the minister has explained that with the current appropriation dedicated to this voice, 67,6 million euros, the proportional amount to recognize would have had to be inferior to 35 euros; the indication of 38 euros represents therefore a first little one turned out of crash-confronts with the MEF. Toninelli has been engaged to continue confronts with the MEF in order to try to still obtain more and to make to emit, in useful times, a new official notice that goes beyond such figure emphasizing, at the same time, than not there are certainties in such sense and not to expect exceptional increments.

The minister therefore has engaged himself to institute and to start within september a table of I confront in order to as soon as possible face the heavy difficulties that plague the road haulage enterprises and to work for a process of restructure of the field in the common interest to establish sure rules and to guarantee the competitiveness of the Italian enterprises. Against these Toninelli engagements it has asked to grant the minimal time to it necessary in order to have replies from the MEF and in order to start the permanent table of I confront and therefore, to revoke the national arrest warrant of the road haulage services. Unatras, appreciating the opening and the manifested engagement, has considered unanimously to attend the outcome than declared from the minister without to on 9 August revoke the programmed arrest warrant from the 6, but to defer it to the last week of september.

It has been - Amedeo Genedani has commented, president of Confartigianato Trasporti and Unatras - a "interlocutorio encounter that does not satisfy the demands for the haulers. We attend the outcomes of the table of I confront with the category announced from the Ministry of Transportation".

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